Why we produced ‘A Hole in My Heart’ movie- Olorunjubeelo


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The producer of the ever green movie, ‘A Hole in my Heart’ has disclosed why the film was produced and what the movie is all about.

Emmanuel Olorunjubeelo unveiled this recently in a statement sent to Gospel Film News.

The producer in his statement said the movie is about a boy of 8 years old with hole in his heart.

He further stressed that the message of the movie is that parents should train their children in the way of God, build up a strong faith in them, so, they will be able to stand in any situation they find themselves.

Olorunjubeelo revealed that ‘A hole in my heart’ was purposely produced because research has revealed that children and youths are the target of the evil ones at this time, and this will help children to decide to be unique for God in this generation.

The movie which was directed by Adeoye Omoniyi is available in all video stores nationwide especially gospel film marketing stores.

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