Why we produced ‘Gbajumo were’ movie- Femi Adebile


Recently there has been media hype for a film titled ‘Gbajumo were’. In this exvlusive interview with Gospel Film News publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, the producer of the fillm, Femi Adebile talks on what the film is about, why such film at this time and when thevrilm will be released. Excerpt:

Can we meet you sir?

My names are Adebile Oluwafemi popularly known as fejosbaba

Could you please lead us into your academic and professional background?

I did my primary and secondary school education at Triumph International School, Ondo and I have a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering which I studied in Lautech Ogbomoso… I also have my M.Tech in Computer Science at FUTA akure and currently on my PGDE program

As a film maker, what is the impact of the Nigerian economy on the film industry in the country?

The Nigerian economy has a negative impact on the film industry due to the bad economy and recession, this has greatly affected film makers and at the same time due to the economy, audience runs for pirated copies instead of buying the original copies thereby causing a down turn on film industry

What is your latest film, ‘Gbajumo Were’ all about?

Gbajumo Were is all about the rewards of covetousness, and lives that are in deceit and what could happen to such people….the devil has made them professional mad men

What purpose does the film want to fulfil?

The film Will do the work of reconciliation, Salvation and it is going to cause deliverance to some set of people who are in the devils confinement.

Why do you come out with such a message at this time?

Its not about me, that’s what the Lord wants to emphasize this time, so I guess it is the mind of God at this particular time.

When was the film shot?

The film shoot took place in the month of March, 1-3rd of march to b precise.

When are you planning to release the film?

Well for now we don’t have a precise time but it would be released before the end of the year.

When you finally release the film, will it be for sale or for free or for people’s consumption through the social media alone?

The movie will be for sale, outreach and later they will be on YouTube for people to download free.

What are the calibre of actors in the movie?

Calibres of actors? Well I don’t think I place calibres on any actors because we are all drama ministers, but I will say we casted veteran and professional drama ministers in the movie.

What stage is the film now?

The film is in the post production stage.

The film was produced on the production name of PREM films production. What is the meaning of PREM?

PREM is proclaimers of righteousness evangelical ministries.

Will you say gospel films in Nigeria is fulfilling its mandate?

Real gospel movies that are shoot well and written under the divine unction from God are fulfilling their mandates.

As an actor how do you manage fame and popularity especially in the street?

Well, I have got used it because formally am always shy when people see me on the street and call me different names, beg to take pictures with me but now have seen it as a normal thing and this make me more humble…then it makes me sit tighter with the fact that many people are watching me.

What’s your advise for upcoming actors and film makers generally?

Well am also an upcoming actor and film maker, so what I will advise all of us is to be patience and we should wait for out time for it will surely come, let’s believe in God and believe in our selves and above all let’s seek more knowledge about what we do where necessary.

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