Why we produced ’12:45′ movie – The Winlos


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Winlos known for their skit on relationship and marriage has disclosed why they released a movie entitled “12:45”.

Gospel Film News gathered that Ohis and Anwinli Ojeikere (AKA The Winlos) are a young couple passionate about bringing positive change to their generation through the message of Jesus Christ. They use the creative arts as a means of spreading the gospel. They have travelled across the country conducting stage plays and holding forums on relationships and marriage.

Ohis in an interview session recently revealed that he got inspired by his experience as a pastor, especially his early days as a pastor, recalling that he was too friendly with the female members, and his wife-to-be started teaching him how to relate. According to him, his fiancee then who is now happily married to him said: “I know you are nice. I know you are a good guy, but you know that ladies don’t see it the way you see it.”

The movie aims to help leaders, a bred, a generation which is rising.

Ohis recalled an incident that happened while he was pastoring in the early days with one of the female members, saying she misinterpreted his care and love for her and usually came to church with a friend of hers.


“One day, I decided to give one of the ladies a gift. When they got home, they started fighting over the gift. The lady who got the gift started bragging about the gift to the other. She started telling her friend that the pastor loved her more, but her friend said, Why are you saying so? Pastor loves me too. They started fighting, and I didn’t know about it. They stopped coming to church. One day I sent someone to their house to visit them.


“They opened up to the gentleman and told him why they didn’t come to church anymore. The gentleman came back and told me. I invited them over and said, See, I’m about getting married. This is the picture of my wife. The problem began because I was just too friendly. When I shared my story with my wife-to-be, Anwinli, she said, You need to learn how to put boundaries so you don’t have issues with people. You just have to start learning boundaries,” he stated.

He added that In his early years in ministry, he started learning that while it is good to be a pastor and shepherd to people, they must learn to set boundaries, saying If you don’t, people will read meaning into it.

He further noted that from the movie, it was obvious that scandal follows a lifestyle, adding that a lot of what people call scandals, though some are true, might be mistakes or errors on the part of the pastor.


“Also, I thought as Christians we should share our story because unfortunately when there is a scandal in the body of Christ, it is the secular press/media that quickly tells the story from their perspective. They begin to insult the pastor and the church. They don’t care to find out what the other possibilities are/were or what went wrong,” he said.

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Source: LucyOneka.com

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