Why we don’t like, watch gospel films – Teenagers


By Oluwafemi Dosu
Teenagers in Nigeria have expressed their grievance over why they don’t watch or like Christian films.
This was born out of a research recently conducted by Gospel Film News in order to help gospel film makers see some loop holes and put in corrective measures to help reach more souls.
The teenagers who are all Christians explained why this is so. Excerpt:
NAME: Kehinde Deborah Oluwatimileyin
AGE: 18
I do like watching Christian films, but I’m not opportuned to watch it. I live with my aunty and she prefers secular films to Christian films, though she is a Christian, and I don’t have a choice.
NAME: Akapo Suzan
STATE: Lagos
Age: 11
Why I dislike Christian film is because it’s not interesting to me. 
NAME: Ebunoluwa Ayodeji
AGE: 14
I dislike Christian films because:
1. They don’t act ‘action films’.
2. It is not lively.
3. There is usually no fight in it.
4. There is no gun shot.
5. Everything in gospel film is about preaching.
NAME: Olanrewaju Jennifer
AGE: 11
The reason why I don’t watch Christian films is because we don’t have access to it. My mum don’t know where they usually rent or buy it.
NAME: Ihioven Gift
AGE: 15
Why I do not like Christian film is because I hate it with all my passion. Some of them are not interesting for my liking and they are not directed as it should be.
NAME: Ibe Favour
AGE: 14
Why I don’t watch Christian movie is because sometimes they are not interesting.
NAME: Olarewaju Emmanuel
AGE: 14
I do watch Christian drama/film but Christian films need fame and popularity in order to reach other places both far and near. Christian films,when acted, only reach the community in which it is done which is bad.
NAME: Opara-Prosper Prince
AGE: 16
Reason for not liking Christian movie is that it’s not touching and it has to be concentrated on in order to get the message they are passing to you. I regard it as waste of time.
NAME: Olugbade Mathew
STATE: Ekiti
AGE: 18
People don’t like watching Christian films because it talks about the Bible and many people do not like hearing the word from the Bible. Most people love watching romantic and sex movies.
Nowadays, people like what the world likes, people like to spend their money and time but because Christian movies do not have  gun shot scenes, jungle fight and funny actions that will make people laugh and forget their name, people detest it.
NAME: Alfred-Emmanuel Gift
AGE: 15
Reason I don’t see Christian movie is because I don’t really see it very interesting.
NAME: Ebunoluwa Promise
AGE: 11
I like Christian movie because it makes me to repent and get wisdom.
I dislike it because some of the movies are not directed as it should be directed.
NAME: Aina Blessing
STATE: Kwara
AGE: 15
I like watching Christian movies because it teaches us the word of God but some of those movies are not well directed.
NAME: Ademuyiwa Eniola
AGE: 10
I don’t watch Christian movie because I don’t like it, also I don’t know the station where they show them and I do not even bother to know.
NAME: Okon Esther
AGE: 13
I don’t like Christian movies because they are scary.
For Oyegbola Eniola, it is a different ball game.
NAME: Oyegbola Eniola
STATE: Oyo State
AGE: 13
I used to watch Christian film because it teaches us about trusting God and make us born again. It makes us have faith in Him and not to sin to Him.
However, Olalekan Daniel from Oyo state, age 14 says he likes watching Christian movies because: 
1. They are very interesting.
2. They make us understand how we should be obedient and behave in the society.
3. They are aimed at winning souls for Christ and it is a channel used to preach the gospel to the world.
4. They are used for prayer.
5. They make life serious and lively.
6. They help us hate pride.
7. It teaches us that we should avoid sex and drinking alcohol.
8. It makes us have good relationship with God and focus in God’s presence.
9. It gives us more good news of God in his sanctuary that devil will not steal our glory.
10. It teaches us manner.

1 thought on “Why we don’t like, watch gospel films – Teenagers

  1. I hope this is circulated across to all Christian movie makers in Nigeria.

    When this coming generation detest out productions now, Will they encourage it when they grow up?

    Are we not going to extinction?

    Where is the future of Christian movie?

    Cudos to gospel film news for this research

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