Why secular actors should not feature in gospel films – Israel Ore Adewole

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Veteran gospel film maker, Evangelist Isreal Ore Adewole has disclosed why gospel film makers should not feature secular actors in their movies.
Ore-Adewole in an interview noted that in order to make it godly, gospel film makers have to make it gospel indeed, saying they can’t, in the attempt to ensure that the gospel is preached, just pick someone up from the streets to mount the pulpit. “What will such a person say? The script can be acted by anyone, because the person who acts must also be regenerated,” he added.
He reitrated that when someone is not born again, such person can’t call other people to be born again, adding that the devil doesn’t want Christian films, because Christian movies are powerful and it is very dangerous for someone who isn’t spirit-filled to act such scripts, and that is why they stick with Christians when we want to act, so that the message is passed across. 
The Great Light Ministries president also disclosed that the mission is not to make money, but to win souls to Christ, saying preaching the gospel in drama entails that you use people who are covered with the Blood and children of the same Father. 
He concluded that when you bring in the secular, that person is not covered, and the ministry is exposed to ridicule, that’s why gospel film makers only work with those who are born again.
Source: Naija Church News

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