Who we want to be next ANCEDRAM president, Past presidents speaks


By Oluwafemi Dosu

As the bell of election is ringing in All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM camp, different people have been showing interest in different offices including office of the president. Gospel Film News has taken the bull by the horn to get the individual opinion of past presidents of the association on who they prefer to be the president. During the interview with Gospel Film News, they also air their views on those viewing for other positions. EXCERPT:


Well, looking at it in a holistic view, the person should be someone who is God fearing, a dedicated child of God, somebody who have what you call listening ear to instructions from God.

The person should not be someone who doesn’t have the mind of his own. It shouldn’t be somebody who doesn’t have vision, it should be someone who is mission minded.

He should be someone who want to design what the future should look like considering the past and relating the whole thing together to the present.

Someone who is physically, mentally, spiritually ready to move ANCEDRAM to the next level. That is the kind of person I have been praying that God should put in place as the next president especially of ANCEDRAM, including all other offices.

OTHER OFFICES: Looking at the whole excercise as it is going presently I’ve heard of some persons showing interest in one office or the other and my advice to them had always been well, it is good for you to aspire to be in an office but it would have been better if you pray to God and let God give you that direction, not being encouraged by someone that oh, you can do it go and contest for that position.’ It should be somebody who must have prayed and spiritually convinced that definately God wants me in that post.


Someone who is ready to take ANCEDRAM to the next level, not politicing statement. Someone who has the ministry, ho has the mind of a minister to move ANCEDRAM to the next level.

We have our national secretariat, for the past four years it has been there, thing are not going there. We want people that will not follow protocol but Holy Spirit leading and make things happen.

I’m believing God that whosoever will become the president will have the vision of making our national secretariat a reality, who will use everything at his disposal; people his connections and what-a-view to the national secretariat of ANCEDRAM a reality.

After 24 years, should we remain on the same spot? That’s the major thing that is yarning in my heart, I want to see that our secretariat is completed and I pray that whosoever will come in will have that mind and heaven will back him up.

OTHER OFFICES: Three are some people that love post but they don’t love service, they want to get the name just to add to their credentials but those who want to serve will serve wholeheartedly without thinking of any gain.

That’s why I want to urge anyone who want to aspire any national office to pray very well and be convinced that they arae ready to pay the sacrifice of serving without expecting anybody to say thank you to them, but the pay Master is looking at them, the bible says He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him, God will reward them. We that served faithfully in ANCEDRAM never regreted it, today you can’t see any of us lean both physically, sppiritually and financially God is taking care of us.

Therefore, anyone who want to come in should have the mind of God, be ready to serve and serve and serve without expecting reward from anybody. It is the Holy Spirit that will reward anybody that serve faithfully in ANCEDRAM.


Somebody that can bridge the gap between the old generation of Drama Army and the New Generation. A man filled with the Spirit of God and the knowledge of the ministry and the world around him. A man with a functioning ministry and good result with integrity.

A well articulated man with good focus on sucess.

OTHER OFFICES: To see many people coming out to contest for posts in the forthcoming election is a good development in ANCEDRAM. It shows the value placed on the association.

This will also give us the enablement to pick the very best from our bests. My advice is for the contestants to conduct themselves as a child of God and accept the result in good faith.


The person should be Godly, God fearing, a man that has not violated the constitution of ANCEDRAM in any way, of course the person should be someone who has interpersonal spirit dimensionship, a person who is a missionary at heart, who is not entertaining, and the person should satisfy all the constitution.

OTHER OFFICES: its good they should show interest. they must have the love of God, everybody that has called me that are going for one position or the other, someone can tell you but have you prayed, because even in titleship you should be able to lead people to God. What we do is to point people to God.


It’s only God that knows the person. He will help us.

OTHER OFFICES: God will choose for us. God will have his way.

Meanwhile, as at the time of filing this report we were unable to reach two of the past presidents, PASTOR BELOVED ALABI and EVANG. ABIOLA JESULOWO.

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