What singles should do to avoid regrets in future- Olajide Ogunmilade


By Damilare Daniel
A gospel movie actor, Evang. Olajide Ogunmilade has counselled single guys and ladies on steps to take in order to avoid regrets later in future.

Ogunmilade who is the president of Phinehas Generation Ministry gave this advise at an online teaching organise by Ezekiel Oluwafemi recently.

The Actor who was teaching on the topic; “SINGLESS WITH A PURPOSE” noted that life is in phases, saying singleness is one of the phases in the life of a human being, a phase of life when the next step is marriage.

According to Gospel Film News correspondent, Ogunmilade disclosed that marriage is a serious business, adding that in Yoruba, it is called ”IGBE IYAWO” Which literarily means, “The Carrying of a Wife” and to carry a wife is not a small issue as It must be well prepared for.

He stressed that season of singleness is not a season to be taken with levity, a wise single will use the opportunity to invest in him/herself, so every single must see him/herself in the light of the Colt tied down in Mark Chapter 11 which was tied down for a purpose, saying there was a prophesy hanging over this colt from over 409 years before the time of it’s use by Jesus.

According to him It had been prophesied that Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on the back of a colt, the child of a donkey, upon which no man has ever ridden and as the time of fulfilment of the prophesy drew near, out of all the colts born in that same season, only this particular one was taken and tied down, other colts were moving about freely but this one couldn’t because it was tied down for a purpose.

Ogunmilade compared the small donkey with single guys and ladies saying they are a single in this season for a purpose. “You’re a Christian single in this season for a purpose, you must understand that you’re tied down for a purpose. Other singles may be gallivanting around but you cannot, other singles may be jumping from one party to the other but you cannot, other singles may be changing ladies like ladies change their wrappers but you can’t because you’re tied down for a purpose. Other singles may be involved in all manner of sexcapades but you dare not because there’s a prophesy hanging over your life.

He further stated that: “other singles may mock you, they may call you names, don’t mind them. There is no word hanging over their lives but one day, the day of your Prophesy fulfilment will arrive. Imagine if you have cut your rope and ran to join the other ordinary singles out there, what will now happen? Therefore I want to encourage everyone in the Phase of singleness right now, stay in the will of God, Stay tied to the Altar.

“This phase of singleness is meant for PREPARATION God has a Preparation Scheme or Syllabus for every child of His. Your syllabus differs from mine. The syllabus of Joseph differs from that of David but every man who will amount to anything tangible in the hands of God must enroll in the School of Preparation. The irony of life is that many people have high expectations in life but have low preparation and that is the sure way to failure. Low Preparation equals Low Manifestation, Average Preparation equals Average Manifestation, Great Preparation equals Great Manifestation.

“You can never manifest beyond your level of Preparation. Many have high dreams of a beautiful married life yet they are not backing it up with preparations, disappointment will surely be the end result.”

Our correspondent reports that Ogunmilade made emphasis on the 5 P’s of life which includes PRAYERFUL PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.

He reiterated that nobody shines in life without preparation, preparation is the oven in which God bakes His champions, warning that if you dodge preparation, you’re dodging glory, if you dodge preparation and choose to take short cuts, you will end up cutting yourself short in the long run.

“There are various areas of life that God could use you in your futur. You must pray well to discover your own field, it is after discovering your own field that you can now begin to prepare yourself towards taking over that area for God. The desire of God is that whichever area of manifestation is yours, you’re to dominate that area for God.

“In your domination, is God glorified. I always describe a scenario: Imagine that your own area is sports and you prepare well and become the fastest man in the world and after your win, you’re called upon to give a speech And you start by asking everyone to rise up to pray to your God, of course they will because you’re the MSN of the Moment. Your own field of Manifestation might be the science and you discover the cure for a dreaded disease thereby you win the Nobel Prize for Science, then you’re invited to receive the award. Presidents and other great men are gathered and you enter and say, “I dedicate this Award to the Savior of my Soul Jesus Christ. Can you all rise to your feet and shout Hallelujah with me”? They will all shout with you, because its your moment and your God will be glorified,” he said.

The Actor emphasized that singles must take their preparation so serious because their shinning in life in their respective area of manifestation gives glory to God.

He concluded by stating different areas in life where singles can manifest as:

1) Political Sector – Daniel and his friends

2) Entertainment – Evang. Mike Bamiloye and others

3) Sports

4) Agriculture – Jacob

5) Journalism – Where you can use your pen to glorify God

6) Writing – Karyn Kingsbury, Frank Perretti, Esther Adekoya, Opeyemi Akintunde, Francine Rivers, etc

7) Business

8) Ministry – Pas Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, etc

9) Academic – To build Schools

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