What God told me about earthly church- Dayo David


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A Cleric and Gospel Film Director, Pastor Dayo David has disclosed what God revealed to him about all church denomination on planet earth yesterday 19th April.

In a chat with Gospel Film News, the Pastor confirmed that he heard when the Lord came to him early hours of yesterday, saying he was praying in the spirit, when gradually God’s presence was all over him and he could not control his body again.

According to him, he crawled to pick his message book and pen beside his bed, when God told him to write what he hears.

Read carefully below what God told him:

” Hear oh Church, ‘I have created the waster to destroy’. Its purpose is to destroy but at an appointed time.

“But my people are drunken of sin says the Lord. Their iniquity is like the Pacific ocean, great is their transgressions. They have replaced me with their images in the hearts of the people.

“Church you are drunk. That is why I sent your cruel brother after you, for corrections. But you refused to yield.

“You created for your selves careers instead of ministry. You sit on ice instead of chariots of fire! You embrace John the Baptist’s baptism but neglect my baptism of fire! You derail- you fight yourselves, you kill yourselves, stab yourselves in the back.

“You act like bastards, a drunk, a whore! Where is your shame? Where is your dignity? Where is your virtue? You threw all away and embrace career and business. You fight my battles!

“I crowned you with a crown of worship, you crown the crown with a ceremonial cap and wear the robe of celebrity!

“You are proud, full of yourselves that’s why your cruel brother is released against you to humble your pride in the nations. Yet you are still blind, dead and speak foolishness.

“Who will talk for you to hear?

“The waster from the pit of hell is a boaster too. He says he can humble your pride with his boasts. Key was released and he was loosed. The work of the waster is to cause division, then isolate and subtract.

The waster is the reverse of the prophecy in the beginning that says, ‘multiply and replenish the earth…’

“He will divide you into units, make you feel lonely, drain you of your faith and subtract you. But you are mine, the waster is for destruction and it will be destroyed itself in the end. Hear me now in the midst of your pains as I speak and take wisdom against the waster and put me back in my place and kill your career, stop your business and breath fire.

“The night is come bring more harvest, baptise them in my fire that they too may breath fire. Fire beget fire. I am here not far at all. Just turn to me. Repent. Call on me. Put me in my place. Then, the waster will be chained again and awaits its time.

“This is wisdom buy it from me. Search the scriptures. The mysteries are translated and revealed. Peace be unto you.”

Dayo David pleaded that people should read and share until it will get to the leaders of churches on planet earth.

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