What gave birth to Akobi Laaroye epic movie- Producer



By Oluwafemi Dosu

After the premiere of Akobi Laaroye season one across states, the movie was released to market and there have been series of good comments about the film.

The producer of the movie, Pastor Victor Olukoju, PVO deemed it fit to shoot season two of the movie which was shot in January, 2019 to be premiered in April, 2019.

In a Release sent to Gospel Film News room, the producer of the movie disclosed what gave birth to the movie idea, among others.

PVO thanked the production team for a job welcome, illustrating that even Jesus needed people around him to carry out His earthly ministry, saying without the wonderful brethren around, the project could have been a fatal failure.

He disclosed that the well celebrated movie, Akobi Laaroye was once an assignment Evangelist Mike Bamiloye gave him which was to produce a 15 minutes movie on the Dangers of Satanic Altars and he came up with Akobi Laaroye, his first epic as it were.

Olukoju revealed that he wanted his brother, Wole Olaleye to play that role initially but he strangely declined, saying not knowing it was divine.

“My group then said I should play the role. So I took up the challenge with my full hair. Bro Adekusibe Emmanuel Adedeji directed it and it came out great. Dr. Obembe Samuel Oluwaseyi brought the idea of ending his life on the electric pole you saw in season one! Joshua Mike-Bamiloye helped with the special effect hanging Awogbona on a pole,” he added.

He continued: “Baami showed that 15 minutes version in Mount Zion Power Night. Watching it that day placed a burden of a full length movie in my heart. I was at Bethel to discuss the burden with him and he encouraged me to go ahead.The stage was set and we started planning.”

Olukoju however stressed that something very strange and painful happened: the Director of the movie, Evangelist Isaac Femi Akintunde insisted that his hair must be shaven that no single hair must remain on his head to play that role and he submitted after much struggle.

“So, my wife and I concluded to sacrifice my hair on the altar of Jesus. She and Bro Segun Badejo shaved off my hair right in our bedroom with my head bowed almost in tears. As the hair was going, I told myself that this must never be in vain. I came out with so much “anger” and God’s presence. My eyes were red. Now, that explains the scene of Awogbona on the seat of the king when he banished him from Iyarako in season 1. In my life, I’ve never acted that way before. I did not even know I could go that far!

I remember Ayoola Omolara Pmh and Ayoola Olugbenga Smh were trying to joke with me and encourage me as they always do but they noticed I was not responding at all, only speaking in tongues intermittently,” he stated.

He appreciated all cast and crew of the production, those who came to visit while shooting, those who encouraged and prayed for the production.

The producer revealed that during the shoot of season 1 the director said the story has not ended but he was wondering what he meant and never saw season 2 coming at all because he ENDED the movie in season 1 but now season two has been shot.

“And you know what? Baami, Daddy Mike Bamiloye has said there would be season 3! Let me confess, I don’t know how it’s going to be but I believe his prophecy, trusting God to do it again,” he concluded.

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