We’ve Left the Entertainment Industry Long Enough, It’s Time to Overtake- Omolara Ayoola

By Oluwafemi Dosu, Dare Fayemi


“We’ve left the entertainment industry long enough; it’s time to overtake,” so says Famous gospel Actor and Sexual Purity Ambassador, Evangelist Omolara Ayoola at the 7th Women Restoration Conference hosted by End-Time Sisters’ Conference International, ESCOM recently.


While speaking on the topic, ‘Shining in Purity’ noted that it is possible for someone to shine and remain in purity, supporting the statement with Philippians 2:15.


According to Gospel Film News correspondent, Ayoola reiterated that: “We’ve left the entertainment industry long enough, it’s time to overtake. We’ve abandoned the internet for evil people long enough. We left it for them and many of them have millions of followers, dishing out evil to people. It’s time to rise up, we need to rise and overtake.”


The Female Actor further charged participants to be a blessing to people, noting that what believers have that they think is small is for somebody. “What you have and you think is small is to bless somebody. Be a blessing to people. If you want to shine you must also obey instruction. Your obedience is transportation to next level. It doesn’t matter if people have gone ahead of you,” she added.


She however cautioned participants to remember that there are temptations everywhere and temptation will come at every level. “When you get to your season of shining doesn’t be afraid to say no. Many people want to shine but can compromise anything. When you get to influential stage, your influence affects everybody both good and bad. The only safe place is the presence of the most high; the world is passing away and everything inside of it. There are lives you will affect if you do not rise up or compromise,” Ayoola stated.


According to Ayoola anyone who shines before his/her time will die before his or her time, saying there is a season in life when a man needs to hide him/herself.


Omolara Ayoola in her ministration also appreciated the conference convener, Evangelist Adenike Aderemi-Fashikun for organizing this kind of conference and gathering people from different spheres of life.


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