We moved around alot by Opeyemi Akintunde


We moved around a lot, before we got to where we are today… Although during our movement, my husband and I were seen as people without a focus, but we knew our lives were in the hands of God and He was the one driving our lives in the right direction…

My husband and I started out as young ministers and due to the ministry we were serving under, we got posted around a lot. At times we spent months In some branches, years in other cities and sometimes days in some branches before receiving another letter to go to another branch.

In all of these, my husband and I refused to be discouraged, because we saw ourselves like the Israelites who journeyed with the fiery cloud as their Director. When the Israelites were in the wilderness, the Lord sent a fiery cloud into their camp, whenever the cloud lifted, the Israelites would break camp and follow the cloud, and they would set up camp again, wherever the cloud came down…. This was how the Israelites kept moving till they got to their promise land. Sometimes, the cloud would only stay for a night in a camp, and at times years in a particular spot…

This was how we lived our lives for the first 15 years of our marriage, but I must tell you, when God directs your life, no matter the years, it is never a waste. During those years, as we were been transferred around, I had to learn different crafts, from fashion designing, to Catering, to Hairdressing, to decoration, to Hat making, to cocktail drinks, to local drinks like Kunu, zobo, fura( I learnt this In the north) in other to support the family as my husband was a full time pastor. I did a lot of trading as well, sold clothes, shoes, bags, oil, cream. I went into farming, one time we were posted to a rural village and I became a farmer, not minding my degree in Accounting. I did a whole lot of things, I can’t even begin to mention… I even went into mini laundry business, washing clothes for a living, e.t.c

Today, it is so easy to sit back and smile as I cast my mind back, while looking at the Nigeria Newspaper in my hands where I was celebrated For my achievement of making the Forbes list of the top 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL AFRICAN WOMEN in BUSINESS, I know this Sucess was only possible because of the journey God took me through.

Those years of moving from one place to the other prepared ME for business, as I have put all I had learnt into creating a big multinational.

By the Grace of God, I now own a Textile line, I produce African textile materials ( from my experience in learning Tie &dye), A catering company, A juice company ( a blend of zobo and pineapple), I also have a body cream company. I am also a big time farmer with big farms in over 20 states in Nigeria, I have a booming Laundry business in major cities in Nigeria and not forgetting I am a partner in some other small businesses….

Our years of moving around with the Lord as our GUIDE was not waste.

Dear Friend, Right now, you may feel like, you are jumping from one place to the other, possibly as a result of ministerial work or God’s leading, Why don’t you stay calm, remain focused and let God truly Lead, you will be shocked where you will end. You will get to a Canaan Land, the Lord has prepared for you.

Numbers 9:15-23

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As Written by Opeyemi Akintunde
Inspired by the LIVING WORD

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