Toyin Fatunsin calls for originality in movies, songs, others

Toyin Fatunsin
For some days, my son has been playing Sinach songs on YouTube, so many songs and yet he was playing them over and over again. The lyrics of the song caught my attention; she composed all those songs through the inspiration of the God. I saw originality, uniqueness and I remembered that while growing up, I use to sing in the children/teenagers choir. In a particular year, Coca-Cola company made an advert and song sang for the advert was so beautiful so one of us changed the lyrics but used the same tune(music) to compose a song and then we rehearsed with the hope of singing it in the “adult church” as we are often given such opportunities.
One of our teachers called our attention to something that has never left me since that time, one of our elder sisters also echoed the same word “there are millions of song in heaven, why not be original? Ask God for inspiration and he will give you” Our God is not limited, inspiration comes from him and we took the word to heart, a while later one of us composed about five songs which was later recorded and produced into an album. I started praying too and God started giving me drama messages to bless the world. It started with the word within, the word we read and our personal fellowship with God.
The best is with God, if you want to stand out then ask God for inspiration and he will give you. There are many songs, movies, books that connect us directly to God as God is the source, such don’t fade away as God’s word can’t fade. Pay the price of waiting in his presence to get the original. Don’t be in an hurry to produce that album, movie, book etc…be original, let God be your inspiration.
If it is of God then it must be gotten from God.

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