Top 10 Gospel Movies in 2021

By Ajibare Abioye

What’s up, gospel movie lovers all over the world? You’re welcome to this concluding article for 2021 where I share with you, my top 10 gospel feature films. It was really tough coming up with this list because there were a lot of good movies produced this year. I watched nearly all feature movies, if not all, and this selection is based on my overall impression of them: the story, message, filmmaking art and that X-factor that can make a film special. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.


Directed by Isaac Femi-Akintunde, I consider Eniola a modern Yoruba Christian film. It was one of the Valentine’s Day YouTube releases this year and teaches important lessons on Christian courtship to youths. Though it takes place in a peaceful, rustic atmosphere, its conflict shakes its protagonist’s world and almost pulls it apart.



This movie from PREM Film Production International is a crystal clear picture of what it means to be an unwilling participant in evil covenants. The Keeper is a powerful ministration that is sure to get you praying after watching it.



The fantastic work done to create the symbolic world of Punala Kingdom, very impressively its language, is undeniable. All actors played their roles very well and the message is a deep one that will bless you.



LOLS is a full package: its rich characterization, dramatic elements, story, suspense and music are sure to engage you and bless you at the end.



It’s difficult for me to get over the crisp picture quality I witnessed at this movie’s premiere. With a touching story, a fearsome protagonist and top class visual effects, Oosa is a movie that has a high production value.



As one of a kind in the DraMusiComedy genre, Patrick Syndrome remarkably excels in its casting, delivers a story with a message that has vast potential for application, utilizes comedy that lands well, and produces memorable numbers, my favourite being Omo Daada. This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie.


4.  NO 1

No 1 is a movie in every sense of the word: engaging story, innovative and professional smartphone cinematography, top-notch visual effects and a very powerful theme. It passes across its message in a very strong way, and along with Patrick Syndrome, it’s the film I’ve seen the most on this list.



The impact this EVOM production had on me is not something I can forget in a hurry. It mirrored vividly the price that Jesus paid for you and me, and it challenged me to make the right response to that sacrifice.



For the first time since Exemplary and more memorably for me Harmony Deal, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye stars as the protagonist in this highly entertaining and impactful movie. The story is moving and it’s one that youths are certain to benefit immensely from.



This is an amazing movie shows the power of partnership; it was put together by Faithlift Productions and Mount Zion Film Productions. The story by Pastor JF Odesola and script by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye were taken to another level by the credible acting of D-Baba and Martha Oguma as leads, as well as every other cast. Accompanied by the children-chorused Jesus Stops the Storm and the right balance of humour, this film contains many of the most memorable moments I experienced in the YouTube cinema in 2021.

So, those are my top movies for 2021. I’d like to make a couple of special mentions to amazing short movies and series I watched this year: they are the series Philosopher’s Cross from PRODRAM, Finding the One from Deep Thots and Abattoir Season 2 from Mount Zion. Sunday Night is an amazing short film and I was equally enamoured by The 11th Commandment from Oasis Production Studio. Next year by God’s grace, I’ll be doing a top movies compilation each for feature films, short films and series. Finally, I wish you all God’s newness in the new year, in Jesus’ name.

Till 2022, stay blessed!



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