Top 10 gospel films you must watch before end of 2018


By Oluwafemi Dosu
Gospel Films are known for blessing, impacting lives and correcting some social vices in the society in order to ensure that the society is full of virtuous citizens. More importantly, gospel films turn people away from the devil to God.
It makes people see why there is need for regeneration of heart and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Amidst challenges, criticism and lack of sponsors, gospel filmmakers have strive to ensure that spreading of the right messages through films doesn’t stop, rather improving in storyline, technicalities and professionalism day by day.
Your number one source of reliable informaion in the film industry, Gospel Film News presents to you some gospel films you can’t afford not to watch before the year 2018 runs out. These films are highly technical, has timely messages and professionally sound. Kindly note that numbering of these films is not in any particular order, all are top notch and has the capacity to sustain audience till the end. In fact, most of the films have been enjoying nationwide and world premiere.

A placid Christian community, Karaki town, is thrown into utter disarray when insurgents intercept and abduct twenty school girls and their teacher on their way to an excursion. They want a ransom from the government, and human life is worth nothing to them. The teacher abducted with the girls is David whose overbearing mum made him shove a large bible into his bag before stepping out that morning, and she didn’t stop bothering him until she was certain the memory verse had found a resting place in his volatile head. Perhaps, if David knew that his mother’s ‘trouble’ will be what will stand between him and death later that day, he would not have been so whiny.
Princess (Elthosyn Emmanuel) is one of the abducted girls and she’d not have been if she and her father had taken her mum’s misgivings seriously. But now she’s been abducted and General wants her for dinner. Speaking of General, what is Land of Fury without the fiery lion called General? The powerful lead insurgent and his brother, Mario will have encounters with both Princess and David. An experience that will change lives and claim some.
Written and Directed by : Damilola Mike-Bamiloye
Produced by :Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye

 Iyarako is on fire!  Fierce enough to consume everyone! The king is in trouble and his the one at stake. Why? Awogbona, Queen Inaloju & Funfunlawo lock horns in  a theatrical Armageddon! The battle rages. The war unending. Who will deliver the village from the son of the morning? Akobi Laaroye is the movie to watch!
This powerful movie was written and produced by: Victor Olukoju
Directed by: Isaac Femi-Akintunde.

Olayiotan ABEJOYE is an African Traditionalist Elderly Man who has come to spend some time with his son based in a city in America. Then, there came a lot of explosive conflicts between beliefs in his traditional religion and the pentecostal faith of his son and his household. The confusions that would eventually expose the hidden fake life of his son and the faithlessness of his wife and the innocent love of their children for their grandfather. “ABEJOYE” is an African Epic movie set in modern world, full of serious humour with high inspirational message of the Word of God.
Abejoye which season 2 will be premiered later this year was written and directed by: Mike Bamiloye.

There is nothing written under the sun, that shall not be revealed; there is no secret hidden under the earth, that shall not be made known; Debare just returned from the foreign land where he had gone for his academic studies; just then, his mother and his friend (Kayode) found out a riddle which they are trying to unravel. On this dangerous road to discover this, Kayode got caught up in the web of katapanya. Where does this lead to? You definately must watch Gbajumo Were. It’s a blockbuster that will set you free from all the shackles of satanic bondages.
Written and produced by: Femi Adebile.
Directed by: Adeoye Omoniyi.

David is an evangelist who has a radio program. He is filled with burden and compassion  for the touts and vindictive. He will go to any length to fulfill His God-given mandate. 
Agbaye is a   leader of a viscious gang of motor park touts. He will do anything to survive.
Alangba is a man filled with bitterness. His sole purpose in life is vengeance.
A TENANT IN HELL is a thriller! An intrigue story of vengeance, betrayal, thuggery, vanity, love, and purpose-driven life.

Produced by: Funmi Kola-Okeowo
Directed by: Kola David Okeowo

That Bright and Gloria had the perfect marriage was never in doubt, the question is whether they possess enough will to withstand the storm when the devil came charging. They learnt the hard way that you cannot dance on the devil’s grave and expect him not to fight back.

Produced by: Toyosi Babalola
Directed by: Daramola Kayode Babalola

The Boomerang Movie is all about the Story of Molested Girl Child….Hurt and angered, yet looking for a tiny ray of hope for healing.
Written and produced by: Oluwaseun Adejumobi
Directed by: Daramola Kayode Babalola.

8. KUKAR ZUCIYAR MU (this is an hausa movie)
This story centers on a young lady called Rebecca who her father Mr Bako is an Army officer, a devout Christian but he is very strict and harsh on his only daughter Rebecca and the mother, trying to protect her but unknown to him that the absence of Love from him towards his daughter will drive her into the Lion’s den. She She sought for refuge from the wrong place the Emir who want to forcefully marry her, now she has become a captive, who will deliver her because this is the Cry of our heart.
Produced by: Dominic Yusuf &Felix Bankole
Directed by: Felix Bankole.
9. EEWO IDO’LU (The Ancestral Taboo)
A young couple, Korede (34) & Rolake (28) are visiting the husband’s village; Ogbagun for the first time after giving birth to a baby boy. Their intention of the couple is to visit the widowed mother with the new baby.
As part of preparations, they prepare a chicken omelet and carry same to the village. Unknown to them, the consumption of chicken is a strong taboo for any indigene of Ogbagun. An ancestor of the village, had laid a curse on any native of the land who consumes the meat of the avian specie!
This singular act pitches the young couple against demonic forces of darkness controlling the territorial powers and covenants of Ogbagun village, leading to a series of events that leads the couple to fighting battles they never planned for. 
Produced by: Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo
Directed by: Kolade Segun-Okeowo

Mr and Mrs Morris are happily married with children. They have everything going on well for them not until Jokotade, a friend to Mrs Morris, finds a way into their home and starts disturbing Mr Morris for an intimate relationship. Being a Christian, Mr Morris stands his ground but, in the long run, he falls for Jokotade’s devilish tactics. He sinks fast in the pool of sin. If not for the timely intervention of his wife, he would have drowned. Unfortunately for him, the deed had been done, he expects his wife to allow all hell to be let loose, but no! The story turns out different. His wife chooses to employ an uncommon weapon to extinguish the fire that would have engulfed their marriage.
Written and Directed by Shola Mike Agboola

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