This nation is blinded by Religious Leaders who profess to speak in the name of God but speaking out of their greedy minds, prodigal hearts- Mike Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The well respected film maker and doyen of Christian drama, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has opened up that the challenge of the nation, Nigeria is religious leaders who profess to speak in the name of the Lord but speaking out of their greedy minds and prodigal hearts.

Gospel Film news gathered that Bamiloye who made this known today in a release he entitled ‘I see them hiding their faces’ stated that God will not look at our Stupidity and Foolishness of the Church caused majorly by Self-concocted undivine Prophesies and self-centered Pronouncement of some Men of God, to allow this nation in the hand of the scavengers and vultures who would devour flesh of the masses and leave the bones to dry in the sun.

“We are confused. They stand at the Altar to swerve the hearts of their Congregants in the way of their covetous and spiritual blinded hearts. When the Church is in Darkness, how shall the land be lightened? Are we not suppose to carry the light for the World to see? But Alas, we have been derailed by many of those who are suppose to lead us with the Burning Touch of Biblical Truth. What does the Bible says about Covetousness and Greed? They have forgotten!

“What does the Bible says about Righteousness that Exalts a Nation and Sins that make an REPROACH of Any people who abide in it? They seem to have forgotten that one too. What does the Bible teaches us about Thieves and Robberies? Their Political Sentiments have eroded their years of Spiritual Knowledge of the Word of God,” he added.

The gospel film maker reiterated that they live by rumours and declare this to thousands of followers who are looking up to them to hear the Way, saying the followers drink their tinted and poisoned wine without optional thoughts, because they are Fathers.

In his release signed by him, Bamiloye noted that the Prophets for the Nation are suppose to see through the heart of God, understand the signs of the time, dissect the spiritual weather and tell people the way of the Spirit but is the cacse a most of them are guided by unfounded rumours instead of the spirit of Chris, adding that they give prayer points on the lies the enemies of the Nation had manufactured and we take the points up in prayers and fasting.

“We pray prayers that the Lord would never listen to. We take up battles against the Lord and His anointed. They made us refuse to see the move of God in the affairs of the Nation. They made us lose hope and faith in the plans and purpose of God for the land. They hate righteousness they are professing. They detest the National revival they are praying about. They confuse us on the exalted altars. And we are no longer better than the Unbelievers in our daily thinking. Ah! What shall they do now in the coming New Dispensation? When all Liars begin to crumble and Veils of Deceit begin to tear away?

“They had refused to learn their lessons in the dispensation of the past, they were spared of shame and disgrace, while some of them has buried their heads in Shame now and their anointing had dried and their voices are no longer sweet to hearing. But Lo and Behold, this coming Dispensation shall witness the collapse of apostolic deceits and evangelical falsehood. When their Prophesies collapse and their prophetic permutations become nothing before the whole world.

“What would they do now when God arises and does what no man can do? What would they do now when all the Congregants they had deceived with fake Prophesies look and behold a new dimension to the move of God? When Thieves begins to run to the rocks and mountains for cover. When the Borders are sealed and Ports are screened to track down all who had bedeviled this land with stupendous impunity. When the Lord would have unleashed His wrath and made the man a Fire and his associates explosives against their Stubble field and forest of grass? When the Masses shall begin to have the last laugh. When accumulated fake empires begin to go up in flames like the date the ancient Roman City went ablaze,” he said.

Bamiloye concluded that: “There is a new day coming. a new nation is been born. god shall rule in the affairs of men. all the fakes and the deceitful shall begin to hide their faces. For God shall arise and hear our prayers and fulfill His plans and purpose over this Nation that has become His beloved.”

2 thoughts on “This nation is blinded by Religious Leaders who profess to speak in the name of God but speaking out of their greedy minds, prodigal hearts- Mike Bamiloye

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  2. Honestly I’m impressed by this write up, and it also boost my confidence in the fact that we still have Christian leaders who understand the fact about what is happening in the body of Christ as far as politics is concerned. I pray that after today’s election we will not regret allowing ourselves being blinded by our so called GREEDY spiritual leaders.
    I believe the scripture that says that RIGHTEOUNESS EXALT THE NATION. And I’m sure this is the time for that prophecy to be fulfill that, …. “the tide will turn again, and this nation will be known for righteousness,”

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