“This Generation Wants Result, Manifestation Not Poetic Rhythm or Oratory,” Femi Adebile Tells Ministers

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Notable Gospel Actor and Producer, Evangelist Femi Adebile has stated that this generation want to see results and manifestations not poetic rhythm or Oratory.

Gospel Film News gathered that Adebile stated this on Thursday on his verified social media account.

Adebile disclosed that the times we are now are times that the world want to see the manifold witness of God experientially, stressing that this generation is not patient at all or merciful to pamper you, rather, they want proofs.

He added that “If you say God is a rewarder, they are looking at your life looking for the rewards, If you say God can provide, they are not satisfied with words anymore! Let him provide now they say! This generation wants manifestations, results! They want handy testimonies that are provable. Poetic rhymes does not attract them again! Oratory does not convince them again, So therefore Minister of God let us obtain grace to carry this dimensions that will bring this generation to their knees, let us sustain the ability through scriptures to understand principles of the Kingdom because no matter how anointed and tongue speaking we are If we do not align to these principles through revelation, our ministry will look like God didn’t send us.


“We must be able to obtain Grace to defend the Excellency of Christ not only in words but in experience that people will watch our movies/hear our music and will not just encourage us with ‘More Grace sir’ but will have handy encounters, spiritual illumination, Mighty Deliverances and Open Doors.”

He opined that this will not just happen by writing any idea that comes with chicken thigh in your mouth, but will come in a place of waiting endlessly and aligning your heart & hears to the throne.

He therefore prayed that may ministers of the gospel not waste their shots.