This Film is Emotional, Inspiring, Impactful Says Audience as They Anticipate Release of Dark Moment Season 1 Episode 3



By Oluwafemi Dosu

Dark Moment Seasonal movie has been thrilling and engaging the viewers ever since the first episode was released two weeks ago. The viewers never cease to demand and anticipate for next episode, Gospel Film News can confirm.


Dark Moment is a movie that really dealt with life issues especially and issues that has to do with wounded soldiers in the Christian faith. The movie exposed lots of mysteries behind living careless life and strategies the devil can use to attack a soldier of Christ.


Episode 3 of Dark Moment which is a production of Grace Revealer Ministries will be released this Sunday 18th June, 2023 on Converter Movie Production YouTube channel. Episode 1 & 2 have established the home of pastor Bayo as a Godly home and the family of Daddy and Mummy G.O who are the spiritual parents of Pastor Bayo and his wife. The saga between both families continues. Find out in episode 3 this coming Sunday, but before then, see what the viewers are saying about this movie below;


Charity Nosakhare: it’s not the Pastor’s fault,the wife is the problem here but God is a God of mercy it’s well

Ngozi Festus: This is teaching that effects of hiding our sins. May God help us

Abigail Dziwonu Amable: Nice movie and educative. A lot to learn, greediness won’t take us far in life but rather spoil the beautiful things God has in store for us. God bless all the cast.

Amusa Rukayat: This is so impactful. More inspiration for the crews

Gail Green: Thank the Lord He is the God of forgiveness, Grace and Mercy

Bro Austine Anison: There is nothing new under the sun. God bless you for this wonderful message.

Victor Adeola: Very interesting and lots of things to learn. This movie is loaded and well structured. Great grace.

official_Onyijay: Na wa o, may God help us in all we do, it’s not an easy race, it can never be by human strength

Subomi Dawodu: Great movie..This is a lesson for we all Christians…Sis Nike,such a great actress in the Christians drama ministry.

Gloria Momoh: This film is so emotional, don’t like it when films make me cry…

Chika Nduagba: Beautiful show, looking forward to the next episode!

Heavenly Minded: Hmmm great message, the Lord richly bless you all brethren

mimos480: Nice series. Looking forward to the next episode. More grace.

Mary Abidemi: Very educative as usual. Am thrilled.

GodschildT: For all the Christian single’s that is planning to turn themselves to the Holy Spirit by changing their spouse after wedding, get ready to fight the battle of your life or you better settle everything now before you go into it. If the foundation be destroyed………

ABidemi Gbemi: The wife was really the one who destroyed her home because of greed. And she isn’t still wise to see that she is the main cause of the problem in that home

Doowuese Damaris: Hmmmmmm! This dark moment is really dark. I feels for Pst Bayo. His wife is not even a Christian at all. She’s only privileged to be a Pastor’s wife. Firstly she open door for the enemy to operate in their home. Maybe Bayo wouldn’t have visited his friend alone if they were in good terms, and that would have prevented the raping.

Secondly, to live with a person for life with such heavy secret, ha! fear Nike ooo. She can kill.

It’s not actually Daddy/Mummy G O’s fault that they are taking care of Bayo in respect to their daughter without letting him know about the whole issue. They are not in position to break the news to Bayo, his wife Nike was in the right position. But I think she was not even remorse for her sin at all. What will happen next if Ore finally leaves pst Bayo’ house? Looking forward for the next episode. Great movie, great message to the body of Christ. More grace

Jennifer Eguakhide: A very interesting gospel movie.

Victoria Folorunso: Beautiful movie. I love the theme song, how can one access it?

Gren Cell: Ah even in the midst of all, she is still talking of opening another church, Ineed she is a definition of selfcenteredness. May God help.

Sumbo Adenuga: I pray for more unction for divine revelation for you in Jesus name. However, think the General Overseer should have restituted before his demise. He confessed to the wife which is good but deceitfully gave the pastor money as a “reward” for taking care of his daughter. Is this the end of the story? What happens to the daughter and the pastor with his wife? More Grace.

God Heritage: Madam Nike is a beautiful devil haaaaaaaa mummy G.O is a strong woman ooo feel sorry for pastor raising anther persons daughter all is life haaaaaaaaaa…

Below is link to episode 2:

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