There is difference between Gospel Films and Christian Films- Filmmaker



By Oluwafemi Dosu

A Gospel Filmmaker and professional Sound Man, Tosin Ayeni has stated that there is clear difference between Gospel Films and Christian Films.


This he made known in an exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News recently.


Ayeni stressed that to the best of his knowledge, Christian films are largely produced by Christians for fellow Christians, they are largely produced by personal inspirations, they are produced after the individual doctrines, largely produced to inform people that they are in that problem because they have sinned or because someone sinned on their behalf, adding that they can also be produced to encourage fellow Christians.

According to him, Gospel films on the other hand can be produced by anyone because the word Gospel means good news and the good news is Jesus the Christ Himself so, as God can call anyone anytime to become His servant maybe as a Pastor, Evangelist or any title and will perform miracles through him or her so also He can call on anyone to produce a gospel film.


“Gospel Films preaches the good news without doctrines, without personal emotional inspiration, gospel films is concerned about God, His people and His kingdom, etc,” he added.

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