The world is shutting down, Mike Bamiloye laments, tell Christians to beware


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The doyen of christian drama and international filmmaker, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has lamented that the whole world economy is shutting down.

Gospel Film News gathered that the Filmmakers posted this on his verified Facebook account today.

Bamiloye stressed that Corona Virus has come to change the face of the world and things can never remain the same again.

“Now they said they are bringing out the Vaccine for the Corona! I heard and read the News that a European Country has brought out a law to force her cirizens in the country to take the Vaccine or be jailed, and that person will not be able to buy or sell without the evidence of the Vaccination! God have Mercy,” he noted.

According to him Night is about to fall, day is rounding off, the Midnight is here and only the Children of the Kingdom can understand what he’s saying here, adding that If you are not a Citizen of the Kingdom, you can not understand this issue.

He continued: “Fellow Kingdom Citizen! What is this thing that they are pointing to our forehead to check our Temperature for the Corona? Soon, after now every Policeman or Security Operarives will have something similar, pointing to the foreheads to check the EVIDENCE OF A COMPLIANCE before you can move freely to buy or sell.

“Fellow Citizen of the Kingdom! This Staying at Home Order, will it not make it easy, later, after now for Security Operatives to get everyone in their Homes, and they would point this thing at your foreheads to see if you have what they require everybody to have and then, one can easily be arrested and right there and then enforced or pinned down by four hefty Security Operatives and injected or given the thing.

“Ahaaa a! Jesus! I can smell HIS COMING! I can smell Home! All these may make no Sense to some People who a not familiar with the Issues of the Kingdom, but we are already on a serious countdown believe me!”

The Mount Zion president stated that he is reading too many conflicting and confusing news about the Corona, the virus, vaccination, the ongoing deadly conspiracy, satellite, the Radiation, their Plans for Africa and death.

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