The Reconciliation (part 36-40) by Rhoda ‘Keji Onaderu

The Reconciliation Part 36
“I will call him and ask after his welfare”. James said.
“That’s good, thanks for all your efforts”. Agnes replied.
He pulled a call through to Mr Itodo after his discussion with Agnes.
Mr Itodo saw two missed calls from James when he woke up. He had slept off after taking his medication, he tried to call back but James called him back again.
“I am sorry I missed your calls”
“I called to check on you sir, how are you doing?”
Mr Itodo heaved a deep sigh.
“Sir, are you okay?”
” It is well, it is well”
“Sir, you are not sounding too good. Is there any issue sir ?”
“I am actually in the hospital”
“Ha, why?”
“I slumped yesterday and I was rushed to the hospital”
“Really, how are you feeling now sir?”
“Is madam with you?”
“She has gone home but please can I confide in you? “
“Yes sir”,
“I regret my actions, I don’t even know what to do”
“Sir, they have forgiven you”
“I know, but how do I have my joy and peace back? How do I make up for those years of my absence in their lives?”
“Sir, I believe the past is gone but we can use the gift of the future to be the best we can”
Mr Itodo heaved a sigh again.
“My son, it is complicated than that, do I leave Christy and her sons here to be reunited with my family in Lagos?”
“It is step by step sir and God is ready to help you”
“Christy will kill me if she hears”
“If God leads you, He will surely defend you sir”
“This is quite difficult, maybe I should take it slowly but how do I have my joy back?”
“Joy comes from God sir”
“I know, since I realised my mistake, I have gone through a lot of psychological trauma”
“I barely slept and ate”
“Waoh, but sir, that’s not the solution, I am sure Agnes and her siblings want you alive than dead”
“I know”
Just then he heard the voice of Christy talking to a nurse.
“Son, thanks for listening, I will call you later”
“OK sir, it is a privilege discussing with you, take care sir”
To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 37)
Tito saw her neighbor, Mrs Bakare, as she got down from the car.
“How is he doing today? Tito asked.
” Very well ma, I just got in few minutes ago”
“My apologies, I should have called to ask since morning. Is he taking his medications?”
“Yes ma, thanks a lot for all your care”
“You are welcome but weren’t there symptoms previously?”
“Hmmm, ma, it’s a long story, we have been going through this in the last three years”
“Really” Tito exclaimed and shook her head.
“It’s that serious, I don’t even know what to do, it usually start with a loud scream from his sleep and the next days afterwards will be filled with nausea, faintness, serious body pains with boils on his scalp and buttocks. This occurs at least once in a quarter, I just wish this is a dream”
“I can imagine, but with God all things are possible”
“All things?”
“Yes, including his healing”
“You want me to believe that ma”
“Not me but God wants you to believe that”
“Doctors don’t even know what to diagnose again”
“All things are possible if we believe, you know”
“Ok ma”, Mrs Bakare said slowly.
“Does he know Christ?”
“He did until he graduated”
“So he lost his salvation experience”.
” Yes, his service year did something else to him. We actually got married just before his national youth service, his restoration is one of my major prayer point ma”
“It is well”. Tito replied.
Tito gave her husband an update on Mr Bakare’s condition as he ate his dinner.
“Darling, I think we need to stand in gap for them”. Tito said.
” You are right , we will do that”
As Tito was about putting Kike to sleep, she said,
“Mum, let’s pray for him”
Tito understood immediately and so, she and Kike prayed for the Bakares.
“How do we reach them?” Sola asked Tito in their bedroom as they prayed again for the Bakares.
“God will give us the wisdom and He will perfect his health” Tito replied.
Sola and his wife went to visit Mr Bakare at the hospital the next Saturday. He was asleep when they got there, they were about leaving when he sneezed and turned sidewards. He smiled as he saw them.
To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 38)
Segun Bakare was discharged from the hospital two days later and Sola went to his apartment to check on him the next evening.
“How are you doing now?”
“Very well sir, I am really grateful to God”
“How long have you been going through this?”
“It started just before I got my first job, it should be like three years now”
“What have you done to it?”
“Medically, we have tried but it always start from my dream.
“But I think”, he paused, looked towards his kitchen before he continued in low tone, ” it all started after Tina, the last girl I dated during my service year discovered that I am married. She felt cheated and heartbroken, she vowed to deal with me”
He paused again.
“I thought it was an empty threat but about 3 days later I started having strange dreams. I regret sleeping about during my service year, I was influenced by my new friends”
“Waoh” Sola said.
“Another issue is that her cousin happens to be the owner of the company I now work for and she has just been deployed from the subsidiary company to the headquarters”
He paused when his wife came to tell him she was leaving for the market.
“Tina is threatening me, she wants our relationship back and her friend told me that she is planning to destroy my marriage”
“Seriously” Sola said.
“Just two weeks ago, we met inside the elevator at the office and she told me that what I have suffered would be a child play by the time she finishes with me. Honestly, sleep flew from my eyes that night”
“What do you plan to do?”
” I have been applying for other jobs since then, I believe a miracle will happen soon”
“What about your health issue?”
“That girl is indeed vengeful, God will judge her”
“Judge? Sola giggled. You went to meet her, you deceived her. You left your honey to pursue after sugar and you are here condemning her”
To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 39)
“Hmmm”, Segun sighed.
“Do you realise when you missed it?, Sola asked.
Segun was silent.
” You missed it when you left the counsel of God, you abandoned the One who died for you and you pursued after strange women”
“I know, I know, youthful exuberance and stupidity”. Segun replied slowly.
“Only the mercy of God can deliver you from her. Maybe, it’s time to come back to the narrow way that you ditched after you graduated”
Tears dropped from Segun Bakare’s eyes and he cleaned his face with his handkerchief.
“Sir, I was a leader at the campus fellowship but now I have slept with about ten ladies”
“It doesn’t matter, God is ready to accept any repentant child. I have had my own share of foolishness too but I have changed my ways”
“I will think about it sir”. Segun replied.
Sola and Tito were about going to sleep when the door bell rang.
Sola opened the door and was surprised to see Segun.
“I am ready sir, ready to come to the loving arms of the Saviour”
Sola smiled., “Please come in”, he said.
“No please”
“OK, let’s pray here then.
“Can you do me a big favour?” Sola asked after they finished praying.
“What’s that sir?”
“Can you please tell your wife all you are going through at the office so that you can jointly pray about it”
Segun looked downcast.
“It’s the best, the two of you will fight this together”
“Ok sir, I will try” Segun said and left.
Tito danced round the living room when Sola told her about Segun’s decision.
“This is a good start, God will surely do something about his healing”
Luke 15:4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 40)
Christy turned sideways on the bed and noticed that her husband was wide awake, she sat up and tapped him.
” I think it’s high time we talked about this. What’s the issue? What’s taking away your sleep? “
Mr Itodo became mute.
“Before you allow it turn to depression, let’s know what the issue is? I don’t want to be accused of killing you by your relatives”.
Her husband didn’t utter a word.
“If it’s about a new wife, you can predict my reaction, that will be over my dead body, it will be a war. I gave you what your former wife couldn’t and you promised to stay by me only, so keep to your promise”.
At the mention of his former wife, Mr Sam Itodo wanted to react but he thought otherwise, knowing Christy to be a troublesome woman, he just shook his head.
” What are you shaking your head for ? You keep to yourself without relating with me, I am tired of this nonsense, speak up”, Christy raised her voice at him.
Mr Itodo woke up the next morning to the sound of a ringing phone. He reached for his phone but discovered that it was his wife’s second phone that was ringing.
The caller refused to give up, so he picked on the fifth call.
“I have been patient enough Christy, I need my son”, the caller said.
As shocked as he was, he pressed the record button on the phone.
The caller continued, ” you are not talking Christy, I have been a fool for years, if I don’t have my son in the next one week, trust me, you will live the rest of your life regretting it. My greetings to your stupid husband, all your lies will soon come crashing on you. Christy you are a fraud”
Mr Itodo was dumbstruck minutes after the call, he listened to the conversation again before he could believe he wasn’t dreaming.
He wanted to scream afterwards but he calmed down instead and pulled a call through to Agnes.
“Good morning Agnes”
“Good morning sir”
“Darling daughter, please can you people still take me back? Can we live together as a family again? Is it possible to do this for me please?
“Can you help me plead with your mum and your siblings? Can…
” Dad”
“Yes, daughter”
“We have forgiven you, it is possible we live together as one family again”
“Thank you, God bless you all, I have learnt my lessons”.
Agnes wondered what made her dad come to his conclusion speedily, they have all known that the fear of Christy was the beginning of his wisdom.
To be continued
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