THE RECONCILIATION (PART 5) by Rhoda Morenikeji


By Rhoda Morenikeji Onaderu

Tito got to the venue of the birthday party early, she was all out to celebrate with her friend, Sade was the only friend who stood by her during her challenges and celebrating her husband was the least she could do. She hadn’t spent up to an hour when James walked up to her, James Lubiya, the Senior Prefect while she was in secondary school and her closest male friend then.

James shouted her name as he side hugged her, she responded with “my SP”. After exchanging pleasantries, James looked for empty seats at the extreme end of the hall and they sat down to gist. They had chatted about their childhood days and career for about fifteen minutes before Tito asked after his family, by the time he dropped the bombshell, Tito’s jaw dropped.

She wasn’t expecting his response at all, he had cleared his throat and said, “Tito, I know this is awkward but please forgive me for bringing this up here, part of the reasons for gracing this occasion is to meet with you, can we be friends again? I mean real friends”. He hesitated, expecting a reply from her, Tito didn’t say a word, so he continued,

“You see, I lost my wife two years ago and I have plans to remarry, I have been thinking about you since Sade told me about your story last month, I don’t mind giving you enough time to think this through but I want you as my wife”.

Tito was dumbstruck when he finished, his words came like a thunderclap from the blue sky to her. James would be the third man who had wanted a relationship with her after the divorce, she had politely declined others but this was James Lubiya , the CEO of Crystal Telecommunications proposing to her, a man she had known from her childhood.

She knew he had a teenage crush on her twenty years ago but they had lost contact after secondary school when his parents relocated to Algeria. She was shocked beyond words, so her response was just a smile and a sip of her fruit wine but her heart was racing. She knew she needed a man in her life but is James Lubiya the man God planned for her?

She was still in deep thought, when Dara walked up to her and behind him was Sola. Tito wasn’t surprised to see them at the party, Dara’s wife was Sade’s former colleague.


I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8

To be continued




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