The Reconciliation (part 3) by Rhoda Morenikeji Onaderu


Sola was heartbroken as he left Tito’s office, he had hoped he would be able to reconcile with Tito that day, he actually got her details from Dara, his cousin who happened to be Tito’s die-hard loyalist. The only way he could reach her thereafter would be through phone conversation or stalking her during the weekends, he was certain the trick he pulled to be given audience at the office would not be entertained again, he had sent Dara’s complimentary card through the receptionist to her. She was actually expecting Dara in her office.

He crashed on the couch on reaching Dara’s house, Dara had accommodated him after relocating back to the country and also encouraged him to reconcile with his former wife. He worked in the same business district as Tito and had bumped into Tito in the past.

Two days later, he put a phone call through to Tito by the evening, he apologized profusely again and requested for audience in a private place of her choice. He hadn’t finish his request when he heard a girl’s voice in the background saying “Mummy, I cannot finish the food, I am okay”.

His heart sank and his hope was dashed when Tito replied the girl and requested for time to attend to her daughter, was it that Tito remarried or has she become a baby mama? he thought over and over as he ended the conversation. He suddenly developed headache at the thought of losing her again and he had restless nights afterwards.

Fate smiled on Sola again when he bumped into Tito at a friend’s birthday party two weeks later. He found an empty seat on Tito’s table and refused to leave despite protest by the event planner, he didn’t mind been the only man on the table. As Sola saw Tito off when she left the marquee to the parking lot, he stumbled and his wallet fell on the floor with the contents scattered about. While she assisted in picking the contents, she saw the picture of a toddler who bear a striking resemblance to Sola, he gave a sheepish grin when she gave him the picture and slowly he told her the truth.
“That’s George, my son, his mother is a Ghanaian, believe me we were never married, he was a product of a fling, we…” . Tito didn’t wait for the rest of the conversation, she walked as fast as possible to her car, her feelings is better hid from him, she reasoned.
To be continued…

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