THE RECONCILIATION (part 2) by Rhoda Morenikeji Onaderu


Tito offered Sola tissue to wipe his tears, he became more sober afterwards and with trembling hands
brought out his cheque book and phone. He knelt on his right knee and with shaky voice requested to
pay back all Tito’s contribution towards the house he had sold off.
“Please rise, this is an office, anybody could walk in here” Tito said, he sat when she insisted. “Tito, I was
foolish to have sold our house and your car, the plot of land was even paid for by you. You took the
opportunity offered by your former employer and you paid instalmentally for it and you even
contributed up to thirty percent to the building of the house. Please forgive me, I am ready to pay you
back” Sola said. “I have been plagued and have paid a lot for the wickedness I did to you, the pain is too
much, please allow me to right my wrong, so that this burden can be off my neck” he added.
Tito opened her mouth in shock, she never envisaged that Sola would ever come to apologize to her.
Sola continued, “Titobiloluwa, I served a jail term for three years in Spain as a result of an illegal business
I was introduced to, all the money I took to Spain went down the drain, I was also defrauded by Kunle,
my friend in Spain. When I left the prison, I took up different menial jobs and I saved enough money to
start my life back in Nigeria.
At the mention of prison, Tito froze on her seat, the same prison Sola had threatened her with seven
years ago after selling off their house. His words came back to her as if it was just spoken the previous
day “ if you dare raise any issue, I will jail you and you will spend the rest of your miserable life in
prison”. Tito looked at Sola and she didn’t know when she said “Sola , but why ? What exactly did I do
Just then, Tito’s desk phone rang, it was the Managing Director’s secretary calling her, the MD wanted
her in his office for a discussion.
To be continued
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