The Reconciliation (part 16-30) by Rhoda’Keji Onaderu

The Reconciliation. Part 16

It was with mixed feelings that Sola returned the call of Tito’s eldest uncle after missing two calls from him. Although he had received comforting words from her pastor but Tito had not told him her decision. Whenever he called her, the generic message had always been,” Sola, l will appreciate it, if you relate with my pastor and my uncles for now, thanks for your understanding”. Neither her body language nor her words gave an inkling of her decision.

The discussion over the phone with her uncle however gave him a greenlight of her uncle’s decision towards his remarriage plans with Tito. He could sense her uncle has forgiven him wholeheartedly and was ready to accept him as a son-in-law.

He shared his feelings with Dara and they both decided he quickly followed her uncle’s instruction. Before the end of the day, his family members had agreed to meet with Tito’s family.

Tito’s phone rang early on Monday morning, Sade called to tell her about James’s loss. She called him immediately and offered her condolence, she empathized with him being a widower and now an orphan.

The following Saturday, she visited James along with Sade and her husband. As they left, she kept thanking God in her heart because of the grace of salvation that James’s mother received just before her death. Her sins were completely forgiven through the blood of Jesus before she passed.

She saw what God was planning when Sade in her living room led her to Christ and the day she led James to salvation at the parking lot and now James became the instrument of salvation to his own mother on her sick bed , no wonder, God expects His children to pass the baton of salvation to others.

She wished she had utilized every opportunity she had in telling the story of redemption to people, maybe, just maybe someone unknown to her might have been saved through her converts.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 17)

The mail from the Executive Director unsettled Sade, he had sent the company’s quarterly regional report. From the report, it showed that for two consecutive times, the team led by Sade had been ousted from the best regional team position. Her team in the last four years had consistently been rated the best team in terms of revenue generation and portfolio management but the eastern region had suddenly become the upsetter.

She called a meeting with her zonal heads immediately and they started a brainstorming session, when they got the second position in the previous rating, they had fastened their belts and tightened all the bolts, yet the eastern region came first again.

They reviewed their performances and resolved to work harder in order to retain their previous rating. Apart from the rest of the team, Sade needed the rating for her own promotion and she wasn’t ready to allow her promotion slip off. She had put in her best and so, was at loss on what to do again.

Her facial expression as she entered the living room made her husband to be more interested in her schedules for the day, he knew his wife was troubled over an issue. While she slept, her husband interceded on her behalf, he knew Sade as a workaholic so he believed she needed divine intervention.

The family’s devotion on Saturday morning was enlightening as she got an insight to the most likely cause of her team’s lower rating. Her last son quoted a scripture and it hit Sade like a thunderbolt, she pondered on the bible verse countless times and she suddenly saw where they missed it.

Her mind flashed back to the last time they had won the best position, they had danced round with countless shouts of “unbeatable” to the dismay of other staff at the headquarter, even her speech after receiving the award had indicated that they relied on their wisdom and believed it was all gotten by their strength.

When this dawned on her, she knelt by her bedside, confessed her foolishness before God and asked for help from Him to soar again. She submitted her career to God and prayed to be carried on eagles wing. Sade promised to return all the glory to God if He could assist her and her team again.

Surely it is not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the LORD of hosts and by strength shall no man prevail.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 18)

Sola was about finishing his lunch at his favorite restaurant when he saw Gerard coming in with two other men. Sola wanted to scream his name as they passed by his seat but he decided to finish his lunch first.

Gerard was discussing with his friends when Sola tapped him, his facial expression was as if he saw a ghost when he turned and saw Sola standing before him. After recovering from the initial shock, he shouted Sola’s name, stood up and embraced him warmly. The last time they saw was the day Sola travelled to Spain, Gerard actually dropped him off at the airport.

“When did you come back to the country?, it has been a while , you just forgot your boy like that” Gerard said.

“I came in few months ago and I have been trying to settle in” Sola replied.

“Few months ago , Sola and I am just seeing you”

“I lost your contact and I have checked you in former house, I was told you have relocated. I heard your parents have moved to the village too, sincerely, I tried looking for you” Sola said

” Yes, that’s true, I have relocated but you could have searched better” Gerard replied.

“Well I tried, anyway, how is your family?

” We are fine , how is yours? I need to meet your new wife and the children “

“New wife, you mean after divorcing Tito”

“Yes, at least she has gone, let me know that lady who has been a great blessing to you than that one that was using your virtue”.

At this point, Sola wanted to raise his voice to shut Gerard up but he remembered they were in a restaurant. He just excused himself to use the gents and blamed himself for ever believing Gerard and his prophetess.

If not for his foolishness, how could he have not discerned they were deceiving him especially when the prophetess tried to matchmake him and her eldest daughter.

His saving grace was that the lady insisted she had her own boyfriend,if not, he would have turned to a cash cow for the family. He also remembered ‘rewarding’ the prophetess handsomely from the proceeds of the house sale, the woman would have laughed and thought of how foolish he was.

By the deceit of a false prophetess, he, a house owner sold his only house and gave part of the proceeds to a false prophetess who was a tenant! It was so absurd that the two people who deceived him have not even bought a plot of land as at that time.

He was about driving out of the restaurant’s premises when he heard Gerard calling him, he brought out his business card, gave it to him and drove off.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 19)

Gerard wondered why Sola didn’t come back to meet him and his friends after using the gent. He felt embarrassed before his friends when Sola zoomed off after giving him his business card.

A thousand thoughts crossed his mind as they drove back to the factory, he couldn’t place it but he felt his friend was upset about something and he resolved to give him a call later.

Sola and his relatives alighted at Tito’s uncle house around 11a.m, they were an hour behind schedule this was due to the traffic they had faced on the way.

They prayed for favour as they were about to enter the house, they hoped everything would be resolved that day. Tito’s family received them warmly and after a lot of promises from Sola to turn a new leaf, her uncles told him the final decision would be left for Tito.

They were been entertained when Tito and her younger sister came in from one of the bedrooms, this took Sola and his relatives by surprise, they never knew Tito was around all the while.

After their meals, the much awaited question was thrown at her. “Tito, I know you have been through a lot and only the grace of God has carried you through all these”, her uncle started, then he paused to see her facial expression.

” Your former husband is here to plead and ask you to be his wife again, daughter, I can’t decide for you, it’s your life and you have the final decision on this, would you please let us know your decision?” Her uncle finished and looked round everyone sitted.

Sola’s heart started racing, it was as if his heart wanted to jump out of his mouth, at that point all he could do was to pray within and all he was saying was “mercy Lord, I need mercy”.

Just then Kike, Tito’s adopted daughter ran in from the room, sat on her legs and requested for biscuit, this doused the tension in the room a little. No biscuit was available but Tito’s uncle promised to buy her one later. Seconds later, Tito turned to Kike and asked her a question which took all of them by surprise.

” Kike, do you still want daddy? You said you wanted to see daddy” Tito asked the little girl.

All eyes were on the girl as it seemed her response will aid Tito’s decision.

Kike with a smile said, “Yes, is he coming today? I want to see him”.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 20)

“Really, you want to see daddy” Tito replied Kike.

“Yes , mummy”, the little girl said.

“Kike , daddy is here, do you want to know him?”

“Yes , where is he?” she jumped down from Tito’s lap with excitement.

Tito pointed to Sola and before she could say anything further, Kike rushed to him with excitement and a shout of “daddy, daddy”.

They all saw the drama as it unfolded and before Sola could reply Kike, the girl asked him a question that he wasn’t prepared for.

” But daddy, where have you been? I miss you”

Sola was speechless momentarily but when he remembered Dara had told him about Kike’s adoption, he replied her slowly.

“Sorry darling but I am here now”

Smiling slightly, she settled comfortably into his lap and played with his wristwatch.

Few seconds passed and everyone was still expecting her response but she just continued to watch Kike as she played with Sola.

Her uncle cleared his throat as a reminder that they were still waiting for her response.

“What about your son?”, she asked suddenly.

“He is with his mum and they are both in Spain”, Sola replied.

“What’s your plan for them?”

“Them? Tito, I have told you earlier that I wasn’t married to the lady, we just had a son together. I hope my son visits the country when he is grown, but for now, I perform my duties to him as a father, I never married her and I don’t intend to do that, please believe me,” he finished pleadingly.

Tito heaved a deep sigh and said, “whichever decision I take today is based on divine instruction, I have experienced the past with you, I can only hope for the best in the future and my hope is based on my faith in God”, she paused as Kike made her way back to the room.

” For now, all I will say is that I am ready to take you as my husband again, I trust God to help us in this journey”, she finished.

Sola jumped out of the chair with a shout, he grabbed and hugged Dara, he turned to Tito and said, ” Thank you, baby, you are the best, the best ever”. Later, he and his relatives thanked her uncles profusely, they promised to take good care of Tito, they also brought out gifts for her relatives.

Tito’s uncles prayed for both Sola and Tito, before leaving the town, Sola and his relatives went to show their appreciation to her family pastor.

After Sola and his relatives had left, his eldest uncle called her into his bedroom for a private discussion.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation ( Part 21)

“Daughter, what you did today has taught me a great lesson, you forgave him wholeheartedly? I wish I have such grace” Tito’s uncle said.

“Grace is only given by God sir, He gives us grace when we come to Him”

Tito, I mean grace to forgive others easily and you didn’t even mention the roles his relatives played in the divorce. My dear, I have just learnt from you “

“Sir, if God keep searching out our sins , we will not all be here, God has shown mercy to us, let us show mercy to others”

“Dear daughter, I have a friend that I have not related with in the last ten years all because his advice made me lose millions of naira in two business deals”


“Yes, we were business partners and since we lost out in two business deals through his advice, I have refused to relate with him because I have been very angry with him”


“But now, I must forgive him wholeheartedly and apologize for snubbing him all the while”.

He brought out his diary, checked for his friend’s number and with shaken hands he dialled the number, waited until his friend took the call and he reconciled with his friend.

James sent out the invites for the burial to friends, colleagues and church members on Saturday morning, the burial would be done in his late mother’s church in a fortnight. A lot of them have been supportive since he lost her and they were willing to go extra miles because he was the only child of his late parents.

Sola and Tito met with her pastor after the Sunday service, he counselled and prayed with them. They told him of their plans to legalise their marriage through a registry wedding the following month.

Sola drove straight to a Chinese restaurant when they left the church, they were about entering the cinema near the restaurant when he sighted Gerard.

He excused himself and went to meet Gerard.

“Good afternoon Gerard, my apologies for driving off that day, how are you doing?” he said.

“Am fine, I wanted to call you afterwards but I lost your call card, have you come to see a movie? I came to see my cousin who works here”

“Yes, I came to see a movie with my babe”

“Really, can I see that lady I have been desiring to meet?” Gerard said

They both walked towards the parking lot.

“Gerard, please meet the lady who has been a great blessing to my life”. Sola gestured towards Tito.

Gerard froze when his eyes met that of Tito. He was dumbstruck for a while, he couldn’t even reply her greetings.

“Eee excuse me” he faltered and with that he left, he was chilled to the marrow.

Sola ran after his friend and met him by his car.

“Gerard, Tito and I are back together, I realised I made a great mistake in leaving her” Sola said.

” Have you forgotten what the prophetess said? Can’t you remember?Gerard asked .

“Prophetess?, I follow what the Spirit of God and the word of God say, that super cedes any false prophecy. Gerard, I gave my life to Jesus after returning to the country and I have not regretted following God’s counsel”

“Hmmm, don’t say I didn’t warn you” Gerard said.

“Leave that and come to Jesus yourself, stop been fearful of false prophecies. Can we watch the movie together?”

“With her? God forbid, I was about leaving anyway”

And with that, he gave Sola his business card, entered his car and drove off.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation Part 22

Sola visited Tito for the first time the following Saturday and Kike jumped on sighting him. She was so happy that she entertained him by dancing round the living room and reciting her nursery rhymes. They had to put her to sleep before Sola could take his leave.

Tolani saw James off as they finished the fellowship, it was James fifth time of attending. This has been the norm since his first time of attending the fellowship and they have fully utilized the time in getting to know more about each other.

Daily, James saw Tolani not as an acquaintance but a lady he would want to keep forever. This thought came to his mind on the day they all visited an orphanage and he was overwhelmed by the way Tolani related with the children, she appear to love children the way his late wife did. He saw in her the qualities he desired for a wife but decided to take each day at a time, he hoped to take his final decision about their friendship after his mum’s burial.

Sola and Tito left for the venue of the party for James’s mother’s burial after attending the church service. They had earlier sighted him in the company of other guests after the church service but decided they would say hello to him at the party.

They took their seats at the extreme end of the marquee which afforded them enough room for some private discussions and they were so engrossed with their discussion that they didn’t notice when Sade and her husband came close to them.

About twenty minutes later, James came to greet some guests near their table, Sola stood up and tapped him as he wanted to move to another guest.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Sola said.

James didn’t quite understand until Sola gestured towards Tito. He smiled slightly, then he appreciated them for honouring his invite, though he remembered only inviting Tito but he was happy seeing them together.

As Sade was about leaving the party, he noticed James looked worried and disturbed, she and her husband enquired and James said,

” I just heard something now, I am sorry I can’t discuss here, I will call you later but trust me, l will be fine”.

Sade and Tunji couldn’t leave immediately, they made sure James was a little better before they eventually left. Tunji believed it was the stress of organising the burial ceremony but they decided to call him later.

Two days later, Tunji called him so that they can fully understand the issue.

“Tunji”, James started, ” see I have been praying concerning who to marry and do you where the Lord chose to answer me?”

“Where?” Tunji asked.

“At the burial party, so I initially thought I wasn’t hearing properly until He confirmed it this morning again” James said.

“Seriously? But what is the issue here?”

James breathed down before saying,
“It wasn’t the person I was praying about, I didn’t even think about this person at all”

“Waoh, now I understand you but are you sure of this? Maybe you should calm down and pray again”

“I will, but He has repeated it again this morning”

“Ok, we will pray along with you brother, just believe God has the best plan for you”

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 23)

The sunny morning of the following Thursday welcomed Sola and Tito to a new marital journey. They had a quiet wedding at the registry with only seven guests in attendance.

They went straight to their new home after having lunch with their guests in a five star hotel, Sola had already gotten an apartment for them while Tito’s cousin will be taking over her flat.

James called Tunji after work on friday. He still sounded confused and worried.

“Hi, Tunji, how are you doing?

” Am fine,

“Please is it a good time to talk?”

“Fire on brother”

“It’s still on the lady, she is still the chosen one”

“Ok, do you have any issue? Is she not beautiful ? Is she not presentable?”

“Hmmh, she is but I wasn’t even thinking about her and she is not of my social status. Kate was well travelled before l met her”.

“I understand, is she educated? Do I know her? Is she…”

James cut in, “She is educated, I am not sure you have met her. She was one of Kate’s protégée though not the closest. I have carried out a background check on her though, I understand she works as an Assistant
Human Resources Manager in a real estate firm”

“Alright, how did you even know?”

“I was greeting people about at the party venue and I said hello to her and other church members, as I turned to attend to others , I heard right in my ear that, ” that’s your wife”. I turned again towards her and I heard the same word. Tunji, I became restless afterwards because it was quite shocking, I never thought about her beforehand”

“Waoh, who are we even talking about here?”

“She is Agnes by name”

“James, if you are convinced she is the one, I believe you can give her all the exposure you desire. Have you met her afterwards?”

“No Tunji, how do I even start with her?”

” You could start by running this by your pastor or what do you think? “

“Alright, thanks for listening and for your advice. My love to Sade and the children”.

Sola’s phone rang three days after his wedding, Gerard called for a visit the next day.

“Are you sure you really want to visit my house?”, Sola asked.

“Yes, what’s wrong with visiting your house? I need your advice urgently”.

Gerard met Sola while having his lunch, he joined his friend and they ate together. They were about finishing the food when Tito entered, she had gone to the salon for an hairdo earlier.

Gerard felt uncomfortable immediately but couldn’t hide his feelings when Sola told him Tito prepared the meal they ate and that they had gotten married three days earlier. He immediately felt like taking to his heels.

Tito noticed this and went to lock the door. After a while, she sat down opposite Sola.

“Please tell me my offence? What exactly have I done wrong?”She asked pleadingly.

Gerard was silent.

” Maybe, I should tell you this that your secret is still safe with me, I never for once told your wife, l believed you have changed, I….”, Tito said.

“What secret?”Sola interjected.

” Darling, he knows, maybe that was why your friend never wanted us together ” Tito replied.

“Gerard, what secret? Did you deceive me to divorce my wife because you were afraid she would expose you, what is the issue Gerard?” Sola asked.

“Actually”, Gerard started and stopped.

” Actually what?” Sola asked.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 24)

“Your wife met me while I was having sex with my neighbor’s wife,I…” Gerard replied.

“Oh my God! Sola interjected.

“I….I was afraid she would expose me, so when you continuously praised her for being a virtuous wife when you were out of job, I came up with that story”

“Jesus, and you made me sell the house and divorced my wife. You know what? It’s not your fault, it was because I listened to you. Gerard, l believed you because we have been friends since our childhood days but you deceived me. Can you please use the exit door now? Leave honorably now”. Sola said.

“Sola, I am sorry, I thought she would expose me. Please forgive me, I am deeply sorry” Gerard pleaded.

Sola faced Tito and asked, ” why didn’t you tell me about this? How did you even see them?

“I went to his house to give a fabric to his wife and I met him stark naked in the living room with his neighbor’s wife. It was quite shocking, obviously, they weren’t expecting anyone , I never knew his wife and children had travelled.” Tito paused before continuing.

“He came to my office to plead the following morning and promised he will never indulge in such act again. He didn’t want the woman to be sent packing by her husband” Tito finished.

“Really” Sola said.

“Sola, I need help, I am guilt ridden because of what I have done. We relocated from our former apartment because my wife caught my neighbor’s wife and I in an uncompromising state twice” Gerard said.

“Seriously, Gerard. This is quite surprising, alright, please just take your leave”

“Please don’t let me leave, I desire what you have”

“Excuse me, are you saying you desire my wife?”

“No, I mean the peace and joy that you have. Please don’t turn me away dear friend, I want your Jesus”.He moved and held Sola’s right leg.

“Are you sincere about this?”

“I am tired of my uncontrolled libido, I have wasted a lot of my resources on my philandering behavior, I need help” Gerard replied.

John 6:37, “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 25)

“Really, this is surprising, you really want to give your life to Jesus”. Tito asked Gerard.

” Yes I am ready, I am deeply sorry for all I have put you through, just have mercy and forgive me, I need help. My neighbour has impregnated my daughter and my wife is threatening fire and brimstone, she said that my teenage daughter is probably reaping what I sowed. Please I desire the peace you have, I regret my actions” Gerard pleaded.

Few minutes later, Gerard bowed before His Maker and asked for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. As he lifted up his eyes after the prayers, tears of joy streamed down his face and Sola welcomed him to redemption in Christ Jesus with a hug.

When James Lubiya told his pastor about his desire to marry Agnes, the look on the pastor’s face showed that he was surprised.

“Agnes, you mean?

” Yes, Agnes in the Children’s department.

The pastor breathed deeply down and smiled slightly afterwards.

” Have you prayed about it sir? Have you discussed this with her sir?”.

“Yes , I have prayed about it sir but I don’t even know how to discuss with her. Though she was my late wife’s protegee but I wasn’t really close to her”

“Ok, just give me some times, the Lord will guide us on this issue but be rest assured that I will be praying along with you”, the pastor said.

When Agnes got a call to the pastor’s office after Monday evening service, a thousand thought ran through her mind especially when the pastor’s wife was called to the meeting. The last time that happened it was because of an unpleasant incident in the children’s department.

This time however the pastor and his wife directed their questions towards her marital life. She initially felt they just wanted to encourage her because they knew her ex-fiance jilted her some months ago but when her pastor told her that someone in the church was interested in marrying her then she understood them clearly.

As Agnes left the pastor’s office, a flurry of thoughts ran through her mind, she wondered which of the brothers in her church desired her as a wife, she mentally ran through all the single brothers one by one until she exhausted the list in her mind but she knew none of them had approached her in recent times.

Two weeks later, she was invited to the pastor’s office again but this time around she met Mr.James Lubiya with the pastor.

Agnes felt like running out of the room when the pastor said,

“This is our brother who is interested in marrying you”

“Me” she responded. Agnes wasn’t only suprised, she was flabbergasted. Her reaction was spontaneous, she sat, she stood, she sat again and fidgeted, her mind was boggled as she sat before them.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 26)

“Calm down, Sister Agnes, please calm down”, the pastor said.

She looked from Pastor Simon to James Lubiya, then the pastor continued,

“Please go and pray about it, try to know the mind of God, he will be waiting for your response”.

That night seemed to be longest night ever for Agnes, sleep evaded her eyes. At night, she sent a text message to her mother over the issue and her text reply in the morning was just “dear daughter, hold your peace, be still and God will be exalted”

Agnes used the next few days for fasting and prayers, she had experienced a broken engagement in the recent past, so she really wanted to be sure of God’s leading. She knew that James Lubiya is a man a lot of ladies desired for a husband but she resolved to look beyond his wealth and status, Agnes sincerely desired her own divine ordained husband.

Agnes walked into the pastor’s office the following Sunday and told him her fears and decision.

“Sir, I sincerely appreciate your love and prayers for me but on this issue, I have my fears “, she paused before continuing, ” He is a widow with two teenagers, how do I handle that?”

Pastor Simon smiled before saying, “you have been a teacher in the children’s department for years, God has been helping you, daughter, you will just transfer that same grace and love to his children”

“Sir, we are talking of the CEO of the country’s foremost telecommunication company, how do I match his class, status and taste?”, Agnes asked.

“Grace dear, then you will also learn as time goes by. I am sure he will be of great assistance with that too. Just be sure that wherever God leads, He guides”, Pastor Simon replied.

After a momentarily silence, ” so what is your decision? ” the pastor asked suddenly.

“Ha, Jesus” Agnes said and kept mute afterwards. She had always wanted to marry but this time around she developed cold feet.

“Daughter, what has the Lord said”, her pastor asked.

” Sir, I know a lot of ladies would jump at this but I was born and raised in the village, how do I fit into his life? Agnes replied.

Just then, a call came through the pastor’s mobile phone, one of his ministerial colleagues was around to see him.

“Daughter, excuse me please, I will be back soon”. He said as he left for the reception.

The counsel of the LORD standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations. Psalm 33:11

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 27)

“I will follow God’s leading, though I have my fears, I will marry him sir” Agnes answered as Pastor Simon walked him.

“Alright daughter, but are you sure this is God’s counsel for you?”

Agnes nodded and the pastor prayed with her. She was about leaving the church’s premises when the protocol officer came to call her for a meeting at the pastor’s office.

Agnes was shocked when she met James Lubiya in the pastor’s office.

“My apologies for calling you, he came to my office some minutes after you left. I feel we can just conclude on the issue since he is here, take your seat please ” Pastor Simon said.

Agnes sat down opposite the pastor.

Pastor Simon turned to James and said, “Sir, Agnes have some questions for you and it will be better we hear them now?”,

Agnes was dumbstruck at that moment and worry was written all over her face.

” Please I am available to answer your question, be free to ask” James said encouragingly.

“Sincerely this is shocking and I don’t know how to handle it. How do I relate with you and your children?. I don’t think I can handle this. Also, we belong to different social class, how do I fit into your lives?” Agnes said.

“If God is indeed behind this then I believe He will help us through all the phases. My children and I have had a long discussion on my remarriage plan and they are even praying along with me ” James replied.

“Are you okay with the response?” Pastor asked Agnes.

Agnes was silent.

“I can give you more time to think about it please” James said.

“Am okay sir, I just have my fears” Agnes said.

“It is best to take each day as it comes and fear is not of God. So, what’s is your decision or do you want more time?”, the pastor asked.

A golden silence followed.

“I will marry him” Agnes said suddenly.

James made a phone said to his children after leaving the pastor’s office, he shared the good news with them and afterwards called Tunji.

Tunji noticed the excitement in his voice as he told him about Agnes.

“I will bring her to meet you “

“I can’t wait to meet the lady behind this excitement either, congratulations dear brother. Tunji said.

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.
Proverbs 18:22

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 28)

James took Agnes on a lunch date the following Saturday, it was their first meeting after she agreed to marry him but he sought her permission to bring his children along to meet Agnes.

Though the children have met her previously as their mother’s protegee but James needed that moment to see if they will eventually accept her as his wife.

His fears were however allayed when they related with her as a long lost aunty. He had to leave them to bond for some time and was surprised when he came back and saw one of his late wife’s favorite novel with Agnes.

“How did you get this please?” James asked.

“We gave her as a gift” the twins replied


“We brought mum’s favorite book as a gift for her. It is just to show that we want her” Tiye said.

Agnes smiled but she was ashamed that she never thought of bringing a gift for them.

The twins excused them after a while to discuss. James Lubiya decided to tell Agnes about himself, his family background and career but as he progressed he noticed she looked downcast more and more.

“Agnes, what is the issue? Have I said something to upset you?” James asked

“No, no please.

” Ok then, can you please tell me about yourself?”

Agnes was silent for some seconds before she finally said,
“My parents have been separated since fifteen years ago” she paused to see James’s reaction.

“My mum did her best to raise her four girls with her petty trading business and we also supported her by taking up menial jobs, I am fortunate to have a masters degree courtesy of your late wife” she paused again looking for any discouraging reaction from James.

“The last time I saw my dad was twelve years ago when he came to my school but he later relocated to the north with his new wife.There is nothing quite interesting about me, all I know is that I love God and I have fallen in love with my ministry and my career” Agnes finished.

“Where is your mum now?” James asked.

“She currently stays with my sister who just had a baby.”

“I love to meet her. So, she didn’t remarry?”

“No please”

“I want to meet the woman who singlehandedly trained her children” James said.


“Do you know why they separated”

“Mum refused to talk about it but I heard from our relatives that it was because she couldn’t bear a male child and dad seriously wanted one, I don’t know how far this is true, for me, I believe there should be other reasons” she paused before continuing “seriously, my mum is the last person that can be caught talking ill about my dad” she finished.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 29)

“Waoh” James exclaimed.

“Mum has a generic response whenever people talked about dad. It was always “He paid the debt of my late father, he didn’t allow my father to be a prisoner, he is a good man” Agnes added

“What a virtuous woman, I can’t wait to meet her”

Agnes smiled.

“My cousin will be having his 50th birthday celebration next Saturday, would you like to attend with me?” James said.

Agnes was silent.

“Common on, that would be an opportunity of meeting some of my extended family members” James pleaded.

The twins came back just then and James repeated the question. The twins threw their hands up and requested that she attended with them in a sing-song. They danced around her until she agreed.

“You will enjoy the party and even meet my dad’s media mogul cousin” Kenny said.

“Media Mogul?”

“Yes, Uncle Tiwalade, the owner of the popular NetStar TV in Ghana”

“And he happens to be your dad’s cousin. That’s really great. I can’t wait to meet him”

Agnes told her sister about the party and was worried about the outfit that will befit James’s status.

“Don’t worry about that, just make sure you look presentable, he is not expecting you to break the bank because of him” her sister said. She however assisted her in choosing a dress.

James kept to his promise, he avoided been too seen with Agnes at the party especially when he remembered what Tito had experienced. She was mostly in company of the twins and another trusted cousin of his.
However, she was warmly received by his family members. As they left the party, James requested they visit Agnes’s mum the following day after church service.

Agnes noticed James wasn’t bothered about the locality that her sister’s family lived, all she noticed he was after was to meet her family.

James engaged her mother in a long friendly discussion and Agnes noticed her mum was very comfortable discussing with him.

She was grateful when he gave three Ankara fabrics to his mum.

“How did you get those beautiful fabrics?

James laughed and said, ” That’s my little secret”

“Haba, tell me now”

James smiled and said”That’s my P.A’s job”

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 30)

“Before I forget, I will be travelling to Germany for a 3 day conference next week, I will surely keep in touch” James said

“Ok” Agnes replied.

Three days later James called Agnes in the evening.

” Guess what”

” You are not travelling again”

“I am still travelling, try again”

“Please I can’t “

“Try”, he paused momentarily before he said,

“I spoke with your dad”

“When? How? This is unbelievable” Agnes asked.

“I actually got your uncle’s number from your mother when we visited her. I called your uncle, and after the initial reluctance, he gave me your dad’s number but he didn’t know I wanted to reach your dad because of his family”

“Just like that”

“Nope, I told your uncle I have a document that your dad lost some years ago and I will want to return it to him, he was hesitant and insisted I send the document to him instead but I rejected that idea. I insisted the recipient must be your father”

“Document, which document is that?

“His wife and his four lovely daughters”

“This is laughable, did dad accept to come pick his so called document?”

“He has the option of sending his address or he comes physically to receive his document”

“Are you not going too far? What if he knows it is because of your intended marriage with his daughter”

“When we get to that bridge , we will cross it, all I know is that I need his blessings to marry his daughter. I spoke with him and I also recorded our conversation all because of you”.

” I hope this ends well” Agnes sighed as the conversation ended.

James sealed the envelope he had put on his bed the previous night, he wasn’t going to take any chance, he planned to take it along with him to the meeting when he is back in the country.

Four days after James arrived the country, Mr Itodo and his younger brother arrived the venue of the meeting, they arrived an hour before the scheduled time and sat at the reception.

They had their doubts about the so called lost document but came all the way when they were told the document worth millions of naira. They were both broke so giving this a trial wasn’t a bad idea to them, they have earlier checked up the name and the address of the NGO that invited on the internet for its authenticity.

…but wisdom is profitable to direct. Ess 10:10

To be continued
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