The Reconciliation Epilogue 6 (The Concluding Part) by Rhoda Morenikeji


Trembling and short of words, Kike breathed down heavily. Tito left the room with a heavy heart and went into her bedroom.

“What did she say ? What’s her decision?”. Her husband asked.

” I don’t know yet, we will soon know but it’s better we prepare our mind. All I know is that I received her from the Lord and if it’s time for her to leave, then God be praised in the highest”. She replied.

Sola bowed his head, he couldn’t see how he will allow Kike leave, if only she knew how much he has loved her then she wouldn’t think of leaving at all.

“Darling, can we sleep? If she leaves, we will continue to intercede for her”. Tito said.

George went into Kike’s room after their mum left.

He stood by the door for a while without saying a word.

Kike coughed in between tears.

” I have just come to tell you to take the decision you will be proud of years to come but remember we still love you”. He paused. Can I bring your dinner? I learnt you refused to eat, don’t worry we will eat together, I can even spoonfeed you, you know I am the big brother here”. George showed his muscles playfully.

Kike was silent.

Minutes later after George had started spoonfeeding Kike, she gave a short laugh.

“What’s your decision? We can’t afford to lose the only princess we have in this house and I have been waiting for the day your husband-to-be would come and prostrate a thousand time for me before marrying you”. George said.

Kike smiled.

Sola heard a knock around 2 a.m on the door, he opened and it was Kike.

” Daddy , I am sorry”. Kike knelt and grabbed Sola’s leg.

“Thank you Jesus”. He muted.

He hugged her and made her sit with him on the bed. Both shed tears of joy as Tito suddenly woke up.

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To be continued
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