The prodigals are coming back! by Opeyemi Akintunde

Letitia and I are Identical twins , she left home when we were 15. All the whole time,  I stayed with my mother who was a single mother,  Dad died when we were three. My mother has grown over the years into a multi millionaire and I have been with her.  Out of the blues came Letitia asking for forgiveness and dear mother took her back with open arms.
What shocked me most was,  Mother gave her one of her companies as a sign of her forgiveness and mother never gave me anything, I had been living on the salary mum was giving me for years… I approached mum and mum said,  she didn’t  know I was interested in managing any of the companies she owned,  she thought I was fine being a salary earner.
She told me everything she owned was mine,  I just needed to ask… 
Dear Present Believer, 
Don’t  be at ease,  make use of every opportunity you have at the moment.  Ask God for His Financial blessings,  ask Him for what you need,  If you need millions ask Him, because some day,  very soon,  the Armed robbers,  the prostitutes,  the chronic unbelievers, the fraudsters,  the secular artist who sing demoralizing songs or act demonic  movies will come back to their SENSES and you will be shocked as to how God Will celebrate their return.

He will shower them with so much glory, and suddenly you begin to wonder, but I have been in the Lord for all these years.  You will begin to ask God questions …and His answer to you would be ” You have been with me all these years,  all I had,  you had access to it,  there were opportunities to have been celebrated,  but you never rose up to action. You were fine with the daily bread I was giving you! “
Dear believer, what are you doing with this season?… You have everything to prosper,  to be celebrated,  don’t be too lazy, too narrow-minded to see opportunities God has for you to be celebrated… 
The story of the prodigal son in the Bible shows us that the sinners of today may repent tomorrow . Now,  the other lesson is that the brother who stayed at home had the opportunity of having several feasts  but never used any,  and to His utmost shock,  when His brother was celebrated after his return,  His father told him,  everything the father had,  was His as well.
 Imagine! Years of not being celebrated.
I am a child of God,  a present believer by His Grace,  and I earnestly expect the return of my unbelieving brothers and sisters to the Lord,  but while they are still far from home,  I must begin to enjoy the benefits of staying with my father(God). 
Everyday must be a feast for me in Jesus name…. So that when my prodigal brother or sister return,  they will See Me at the top and know that it pays to stay with the Father… 
The prodigals must not return after 10 years and find me at the same position they left me in the Lord,  10 years later.
The prodigal son’s brother must have stayed the same way for years, no wonder he was jealous of the arrival of his brother…. Imagine if he had acquired a lot of wealth during that time,  he won’t  have been angry when his brother came back and was celebrated. 
Lord,  my years of staying with you must not be a waste.. My friends, who left serving God must not come back and meet me the same way they left me,  Such friends must know that my years of staying with you has been worthwhile for me. 
Dear Friend,  The Prodigals are coming back…. So make your time of staying with the Lord worth it…
Luke 15:11-31
Opeyemi Akintunde 
Inspired by the LIVING WORD 

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