‘The Movie Revived My Life Afresh,’ Viewers Testify After seeing Opeyemi Akintunde’s Movie, ‘Perfect Gift’

By Joy Adeosun

Testimonies have started rolling in since the release of the movie ‘ The Perfect Gift’ written and directed by Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde.

Gospel Film News gathered that one of the viewers said: “the movie is indeed a gift of God to me, God blessed Mama Opeyemi Akintunde for his glory. Prior to the time I watched the movie which was yesterday, the devil has been toying with my dream life I hardly remember my dreams but after watching the movie yesterday night, I slept and I saw myself in an ancient den full of masquerades then were about to initiate me into their camp I shouted the name of Jesus as I learnt from the movie and they all flew from me.”

Another testified noted that: “Hallelujah, before watching this movie last night, i have been spiritually weak to fight in my dream but for the first time in months, my shout of Jesus in the dream gave me the strength to overcome.

“Not only did I remember my dream clearly I also had victory in my dream after watching The Perfect Gift. The perfect gift movie has revived my life afresh, I have escaped the snare of the Fowler, I am free.

“Ordinarily, I wasn’t supposed to go close to movie because my exams are around the corner, but I couldn’t resist this movie and even when I downloaded it, I was like that should be a cool off after my exams, hummmm I didn’t even know when I started watching it and I have this emotional challenges I have been battling with that made me forfeit one of my classes today. I didn’t even watch till the end when I slept off, just to wake up few minutes after the little sleep and screamed, ‘ Jesus over my emotions’ I had to quickly finish the movie. It’s not just movie. Jesus prepared it for me. All my friends must download this movie starting from my roommate.”

You can also get your deliverances by seeing the movie via the link below:


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