The current #ENDSARS# protest across Nigeria is not only a right step in the right direction, but one that is long overdue- KSO


By Kolade Segun-Okeowo

Never in the history of Nigeria has a protest been this successful and far reaching.

The closest to this will probably be the “Ali Must Go” Protests of 1978 led by my father, The Late Comrade Segun Okeowo of blessed memory.

By the time this protest is over, a new Nation should be in the making.

However, care must be taken not to get drowned in the euphoria of the ENDSARS Protests and forget what the end products of such action ought to be.

No protest can ever be said to be successful if the status quo remains .

Protests are good but will not achieve the desired objectives if the systems operating before the commencement of the protests are the same.

What is wrong with our nation is not SARS, it is not even the Police. It is the system!!!

My late father once posited: ” Every society gets the kind of police it deserves “

The damage done to the Nigerian nation is systemic. Once the system remains the same, we will continue to operate in an unending cycle and probably have to spend the rest of our lives protesting…

The System must change !!!

That process has successfully commenced. The momentum must be sustained to bring about a new birth.

How ?

The gains of this ongoing protests can only be sustained by a truly people’s oriented democracy which will give birth to a genuine government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Prior to now, elections in Nigeria have been the business of COMMERCIAL VOTERS and CONTROLLED VOTERS who are easily maneuvered and manipulated by the ruling class.

No nation gets the best of leadership from such class of voters…. NEVER !!!

CONSCIENCE VOTERS (majorly the protesting population) hardly gets involved in electoral process but gets frenzied during moments of protests just like now.

That trend must change. To bring Nigeria out of her doldrums, a revolution must take place…!!!!


If the massive number of youths taking part on the current #ENDSARS# protests will take a decision concerning, 2023 and stand by it, no Jupiter can reverse that decision!!!!

To this end, I counsel all co-players and believers in the #ENDSARS# protests to look beyond now and fix eyes on 2023.

Take note..

Protesters do not take over government, that is called TREASON !!!

Protesters do not initiate reforms, that is called ANARCHY !!!

Protesters do not manage National Treasury, that is called CRISIS !!!

The only accepted mode of seizing power is ELECTIONS !!!

When you are elected, you can take over government, that is IN ORDER !!!

When you are elected, you can initiate reforms, that is ACCEPTABLE !!!

When you are elected, you can manage the National Treasury, that is CREDIBLE !!!

Power must change hands in 2023 and pave way for a NEW DAWN !!!

Lets begin to groom credible candidates for elections and get ready to be actively involved.

Who dares rig elections if a massive turnout like #ENDSARS# is involved !!!

Who dares manipulate election results if a massive turnout like #ENDSARS# is involved !!!

Who dares tamper with the will of the people if a massive turnout like #ENDSARS# is involved !!!

I don’t just want to PROTEST for REFORMS , I want to INITIATE REFORMS !!!

2023 is NOT about MONEY !!!

2023 is NOT about ETHNICITY !!!

2023 is NOT about RELIGION !!!

2023 is NOT about SENTIMENTS !!!

2023 is about INTEGRITY !!!

2023 is about SERVICE !!!

2023 is about GOOD GOVERNANCE !!!

2023 is about PEDIGREES & RECORDS !!!



Kolade Segun-Okeowo
National President

Advocates for Right Leadership Association
a.k.a Believers in Politics (BIP)

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2 thoughts on “The current #ENDSARS# protest across Nigeria is not only a right step in the right direction, but one that is long overdue- KSO

  1. I love that Sir, the power and abilities is in our hands
    We can make a positive changes if we focus on the good governance during the time of election, the same way we focus on the same target now.
    God Bless You Sir
    Thank You Sir

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