“Teacher Chuks” season 4, (part 10) by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Whose fault? Who deflowered me? Was it not you Mr. Chuks? The seed you sowed has produced fruits and you don’t want to eat from it?” Rejoice said to me … The pain in her eyes was evident. I could understand what she was going through… I knew the quest for Sex was too strong for her to control… It was obvious as tears started pouring out of her eyes…. She was a slave to Sex…

“I never knew it was a poisonous seed, but now that I know better, I don’t intend eating it.” I said trying to calm her down

“What then happens to me who is carrying the poison?” She said crying….

“We will get it out, I promise you!”

“How?” She literally screamed… I covered her mouth in a rush

“I don’t know, but SEXRUSH came in through an entrance, there must definitely be an exit. Just cooperate with me…” I said holding her firmly.

“Kill me please…. I will rather die than live without happiness. What is the essence of living when I am not happy?”

“Why are you not happy?”

“I am not happy because I am starving, sex is my food, and I haven’t had it in three days…” Rejoice said weeping.

I felt pained for Rejoice. She was right, sex was food for her, all thanks to me for introducing SEXRUSH into her many years back, although after we separated she had become worse.

I thought about how meeting her again was not planned, but I had the belief it was an opportunity to correct my error. Unfortunately, she was not helping matters.

Rejoice was not ready to listen, she grabbed me and was caressing me.

My past years flashed through my mind and more importantly my experience after I died was playing clearly in my head. The milestones of life without sex for three months was about to rubbished in 5 minutes…


As I stood there not wanting to scream and trying my best to calm Rejoice down, in few seconds my mind travelled back to the Lighthouse.

I knew if I had sex with Rejoice, I was going to return to square zero, I was going to disappoint my teenagers. However, the pain in Rejoice’s eyes was haunting me….

She laid on the bare ground, trying to find the pleasure of Sex…. At that point, my tears poured out….

I picked her up and pity took over me….

I decided to help Rejoice out of her misery… I kissed her… though in tears… I knew what I was doing was wrong, but pity and lust took over me….

It only took less than 4 minutes to destroy 3 months of abstinence from Sex….

I disappointed God… I disappointed Heaven, I disappointed Christ who begged for my second chance… I disappointed the kids at the Lighthouse….

I stood up from Rejoice sobbing like a baby… Instead of running from the camp, my brain was no longer functioning properly, I started walking back into captivity…back into the room….

I laid down on the bed with my eyes facing the roof… My tears came flowing down, I was hoping the Sex between Rejoice and I was a dream… I shut my eyes closed hoping it could be a dream….

I wondered if SEXRUSH had entered back into me….

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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