Taiwo Agbotuedo releases book on acting, gives reason for writing


By Oluwafemi Dosu

An Actor of many years standing, Evang. Taiwo Agbotuedo has released a book on ‘Acting and Stage Drama Curriculum’, and give reasons for writing the book.

In a chat with Gospel Film News, Agbotuedo noted that the book revealed some mysteries about acting and drama general, stating that the book will open readers’ eye and understanding to certain things they never knew or heard about stage drama or acting.

Explaining why he wrote the book, the actor stated that God; Our Father and Lord, from whom all wisdom flows, inspired him to write the book so that it will serve as a manual/guide to the millions of drama ministers and those who values their calling and knows what they are called to do as a drama minister.

Agbotuedo who is also an Alumnus of Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama stressed that there are so many drama ministers on the field whom God called as a stage drama minister but have no understand about acting general and stage drama/management, adding that everything that would be discussed in this book focus on acting and stage drama.

According to him, he has witnessed so many stage drama where he noticed errors and taboos on stage, so this book is for you to help you, thereby encouraged readers to read the book and pass it across to other stage drama ministers to benefit from it.

To get a copy of the book which was forwarded by Evang. Paul-Esupofo Oriade, contact these numbers;

TAIWO: 07068468743
DAMILOLA: 0812 7638291
JOSHUA: 0806 0001184

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