Study your ministerial manual, know what God has given to you and follow it, Paul-Esupofo tells Drama Ministers


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The pioneer of Internet Drama/Film Evangelism and Evangelical Smartphone filmmaking in Nigeria, Evang. Paul-Esupofo Oriade has advised Drama Ministers both stage and gospel filmmakers to know the ministerial manual given to each of them by God and follow it.

Paul-Esupofo who is also a gospel filmmaker disclosed this yesterday in a live broadcast on his Facebook page.

Gospel Film News gathered that he is of the opinion that many people have been following other people’s manual and do not even know their manual not to talk of studying it.

He also stated that God is giving everybody assignment, mandate but God will never give you assignment contrary to His word, adding that because you have featured in many Christan/ Evangelical or Apostolic films doesn’t make you born gain.

Oriade suggested that there is need for a confab that everybody will be there, including the Nollywood artistes that are believers.

“Have your manual, study your manual. many of us in Christain drama are quick to take sides. we have laid a foundation in the world of what an ideal christian drama/filmmaking should be.
Many of us are not sincere, we want to follow Mike Bamiloye’s manual all through. Meanwhile Bamiloye was the first person to use secular, he used Bata because there were not many or no Born Again cinematographers then, he also used Kaytecnical and today he is born again. Never you do anytging to impress anybody,” he noted.

He assured that part two of his broadcast is coming soon.

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