Stop telling the world you’re hungry because you’re serving God- Segun-Okeowo


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Veteran Filmmaker and Zionstones Film Village visioner, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo has advised ministers of the gospel, especially Drama Ministers to stop telling the world they are hungry just because they are serving God.

Segun-Okeowo gave the advise via a statement sent to Gospel Film News yesterday while sensitizing Drama Ministers to look for other source of income and not depend on honorarium from ministrations.

The Actor opened up that the days of selling films on CDs and DVDs are over, saying he predicted that DVDS will become endangered species five years ago and today the social media has taken over the DVD option.

According to him, Invitations to minister might drop for so many ministers as the experience of Corona lockdown has opened the eyes of Churches to possibility of programs online and many online programs will continue after covid 19.

“Last year I shared a lecture here and a couple of other Drama Ministers circles, THE OTHER CHILDREN OF HANNAH. I am glad that quite a lot of Drama Ministers believed the message and took steps. Some Drama Ministers bought into the ideology of THE OTHER CHILDREN OF HANNAH and are reaping benefits today especially now that Corona has locked down regular sources of income,” he said.

KSO disclosed that Other Children of Hannah to ministers of the gospel means other source of income apart from the Ministry God has committed into their hands so that they can finance the ministry without depending on anyone.

“The days of depending on honoraria is over. You can’t build your life around honorarium. Allow honorarium to come at God’s arrangements not yours,” he stressed.

He continued: “For many years, my life revolved around honorarium !!! We looked forward to outreaches and programs trusting God that something will come out to bless the families in the ministry and meet some urgent needs. When I grew in understanding, I caught the revelation of the other Children of Hannah, I stopped depending on honoraria.

“I remember the day I went for a ministration and was given honorarium, I forgot the envelope in the car for several days. That day, I collected and did not bother to open it. I don’t go for ministrations, expecting honorarium any longer. If it comes, great I will collect and bless the giver. If it does not, I will move on!!! In Post Covid 19, many Drama Ministers whose dependence revolve round honorarium may be sorely disappointed.”

He encouraged Drama Ministers to Learn new skills, Go to farm, Open new grounds, Buy and Sell, Invest and reinvest, Create and produce, Meet needs, Use the hidden talent, Solve Problems, Market and Connect, adding that they can squeeze time to do those things while they KEEP THE FLAG OF SAMUEL FLYING IN THE TEMPLE !!!

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