Stakeholders Meeting: MSAT to fund movie producers, content providers


By Oluwafemi Dosu

MSAT has stated its commitment to fund movie producers and content providers in Nigeria to make good movies and create good contents.

Gospel film maker, John Oguntuase disclosed this after a stakeholders meeting held with MSAT Global yesterday 1st of March, 2019.

In a chat with Gospel Film News, Oguntuase revealed that the stakeholders meeting was called by MSAT global from South Africa which will be launching a cable TV next month in South Africa and soon in Nigeria.

The name of the cable TV is ‘Life Play’ and the meeting took place at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

Gospel Film News gathered that the cable TV will promote pure or clean entertainment with morals. It will feature musical videos, movies, documentaries, films, TV series, kiddies and family friendly content that doesn’t promote sex or any unclean thing and of course promote Africa culture.

MSAT specifically needs good contents including faith-based contents for the cable TV. The project is ongoing there and there will be room for selected producers and content providers to key in when the time is right.

“They talked on what they want and how they are willing to help producers and content creators and how ready they are to give money out through their agents in Nigeria to make movies, as their capacity carries and also they are Godly people,” he stated.

He further stressed that: “They invited other stakeholders and I was part of the people that represented faith based. It has a promising future and it’s a good one for faith based, not like the ones that will say remove God, remove Jesus but they are saying bring a world standard production, not just anyhow and they are not afraid of projecting the name of God. In fact, if the content is promiscuous in anyway it will be rejected, they have a standard and they have to follow the standard.”

At the stakeholders meeting are both gospel and secular film makers like Zack Orji, Fred Amata the producer of amazing grace and black November, Kunle Aford, among others.

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