Some People are in Ministry Because of Fame- Solomon Oluwaferanmi


By Oluwafemi Dosu, Lola Afolabi

Cleric and Filmmaker, Pastor Solomon Oluwaferanmi has stated that some people are in Ministry just because of fame.


He made this statement recently during an interview session with Gospel Film News.


In his words, some people are in ministry because of vision, some are there for fame, while some are there because someone persuaded them to come into the ministry, so if anything happen and those who are persuaded to come into the ministry or those who join for fame face the heat of the ministry they may run out.


“I may say maybe some had no vision for drama per say because if you have vision for something no matter what happens you will stand by that vision but many are into the ministry for something better known to them, many of us are in the ministry but we know why we are in the ministry, I know why am in the ministry, you know why you are there,” he added.


When asked his opinion on a Drama Minister having another source of income, Oluwaferanmi stressed that “why not, many people are succeeding, and by the grace of God we have seen many of our fathers that are succeeding and many are still succeeding without any other something, so but if you are in ministry and your ministry is yet to request for your total time, you can still add something for a better income.”


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