Shola Mike Agboola vows never to give up


By Oluwafemi Dosu

In what could be called personal charge this morning, the legendary filmmaker and EVOM president, Evangelist Shola Mike Agboola vow never to give up.

Agboola through his facebook page noted that there are many things he can give in life, yet there are some things he cannot give.

Gospel Film News quotes Agboola, saying “There is something I will never give because it matters a lot to me. If you like tag me stingy or selfish, I still will not give that thing. If you care to know, this is it. I can never give ‘UP’.”

The filmmaker stated that in his journey of life, HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP, no matter what happens, because ‘UP’ is precious to him.

According to him ‘UP’ is his heritage. ‘UP’ is his ultimate destination, praying that he’s getting there in Jesus’ name.

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