Shola-Mike Agboola charge believers to seek God’s glory


By Mayowa Samuel and Oluwafemi Dosu

The president of Evangelical Outreach Ministries, EVOM and Secretary to ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees, Evangelist Shola-Mike Agboola has charged believers to seek God’s glory by all means and ensure they do away with any ‘lot’ in their lives.

Agboola made this known over the weekend when he was ministering on the topic, ‘Dynamics of His Glory’ at Baptist Students Fellowship retreat held in Baptist camp ground, Afon, Ilorin Kwara state.

He noted that every man need the Grace of God as stamina before he can see the Glory  of God, because Glory without stamina can kill.

The film director and producer disclosed God’s mind to the participants on what to do when the Glory Comes, saying they must seek to know the ways of God, His person, His Grace and His presence, because when a man is crying for the Glory of God & Presence of God, what is asking is the hand of God and  the hand of God is mighty.

He further talked about “How the Glory comes”, adding that believers must be separated from the lot of their lives, then there can be assurance that the glorification that God has prepared for believers will come.

“Until the lot of Moses was separated from him, the glory of God could not manifest. What are the lot you are carrying around? The lot of immorality, iniquity, unrighteousness, transgression and all manner of sins, you must be separated from them,” he stated.

He concluded His message with the book of 1st Samuel chapter 4 from verse 3, adding that when the Glory departs, a man become a yesterday man.

Our correspondent, who was live at the event disclosed that Evangelist Shola-Mike Agboola who ministered after evangelist Mike Bamiloye was at the retreat with his wife, evangelist Adegbayike and two of their children.

It would be recall that evangelist Shola-Mike Agboola was presented an award of honour at the event.

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