Separating family from ministry is a serious mistake- Gloria Bamiloye

By Oluwafemi Dosu
The famous gospel actress, producer and wife of Mount Zion President, Evang. Gloria Bamiloye has stated that it is a serious mistake to separate family from ministry.
Bamiloye made this statement at the just concluded convention of Mount Zion Institute Alumni Fellowship held at Ile-Ife, Osun state over the weekend
In a message she titled Managing Marriage and Ministry, the actress noted that ministry starts from the home, advising that ministers should let God be in their homes and when God is controlling the home, ministry will naturally flow out from the home to others.
“People around you will ask how you are doing it because they see God and peace in your home. Ministry can be well established when the family is standing right with God. Every ministry that will go far must be borne out of a family that is standing right with God,” she stressed.
She continued: “Therefore, it is a serious mistake to separate your family from ministry. You cannot handle or run ministry without having a stable home, without the help and support of your family members. In fact, drama ministry involves the whole family.”
Report gotten from a source, Remi Bangboje who was live at the convention says the start actress revealed that God is interested in family issue because of Continuity, saying God continued the covenant he made with Abraham in the life of Isaac and later in Jacob, and down to the 12tribes of israel. 
“Therefore, it becomes of necessity to keep your home in God’s hand, and be very concern about every member of home to live right before God,” she concluded.

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