Segun Akande sets to release new TV series ‘Seed of Shame’

Segun Akande (born 27 January 1987), popularly known as Olaks, a Nigerian filmmaker, storyteller, director, photographer, cinematographer, and producer holds a diploma in the Art and Technique of Filmmaking from Beijing Film Academy,  China. Also, he studied Africa Film Drama Art at Apeiro Film Training Academy, Gauteng Johannesburg. After working many years in the Nigerian film industry with renowned cinematographers, editors and directors, like Oreofe Williams,  Tunde Kelani, Yemi Sodimu, Doyin Hassan, he founded DRASEG multimedia Concept (Registered), a company that mothers his prior innovative AVI Expression and Olaks Studio.
In a career spanning for almost a decade, Segun Akande has been able to establish himself as one of the known Director of Photography(DOP) and editor. His apt passion for art, beauty, and esthetics also pushed him to explore the field of cinematography and set design.
Segun was born in Lagos though his father hails from Ijiyo Oyo, Oyo State Nigeria. He went through God’s Will primary school and Splendid Secondary schools Alagbado before embarking on Beijing Films Academy,  Beijing, and AFDA Johannesburg journeys.
In another interview with Gospel Film News,  Segun revealed that his mother, Foyeke Inaolaji who happens to be a veteran TV presenter brought him to limelite.
According to Segun : “Foyeke Inaolaji is a caring mother who teaches value and good moral standard,  little wonders most of her works against moral, cultural and spiritual decadence. Her ever smiling face and big grin preaches nothing but simplicity,  vanity of life and finding happiness at all time.”
“As radio presenter in 2010, the voyage of broadcasting took her to Unique FM Ileda, and to Paramount FM Abeokuta between 2011 and 2012. She’s currently with Faaji FM co anchoring Komaflow with Baba Goin on Wednesdays and Ojumoalayo, with Consoligbadun, Mr & Mrs Ladrrin on Saturdays. Foyeke joined orisun TV in 2018, anchoring Ojumo Ire Health. She also Anchors Minijojo on AIT on Sundays,” he stated.
In 2013, Segun Akande started working as DOP and editor at Oreofe Films and Theatre Production Company owned by the renown Oreofe Williams while also working as a freelancer in Nigeria film production field. Worked with Segun Kayode melody (imaging  concept), the writer and producer of ‘the story of us’ as his Director of Photography A TV drama series showing already at Ait and African magic family.

This multi talented cinematographer is happily  married to Aderoju Adejoke Akande with kid oluwadarasimi Segun Akande.

He has been able to work in some African countries such as Kenya, Togo, Benin Republic just to mention few and Nigeria interstate.
He participated in the following works as either DOP, editor or combination of both;
Father Moses, Merciless Church, No to pe ju, Oga Agbero, Accidental Discharge, Salvation of Satan, Orogun Olodumare, Orisa Mimo 1 & 2, Live Your Dream , Wrong Number, More Than a Friend, Scarlet, A Tale of Two Friends, Nkan Ikoko, Eran Eewo, Ise Okunkun, Ohun Oluwa, Double Loss, Satanic Market, Ikabodu, Alagbawi, Awon Omoge Iboji, Alagbara so Agbara Nu, Too late to wait, Enu ona, War, Agogo Ayo Mi, Gbese Ife, The Name Wonders of Faith, Olofofoo, Ajo (The thrift), The Prophecy, Race against Time, Ile Olora, Emi ni, Miss Nigeria 2013. Bank of Industry (BIO) projects, Idowu Philip (Mama Rainbow 75th birthday), Can I Cry Out? (Movie celebrating Foluke Adeboye, Mummy G.O. 65th birthday), Aganrandi, etc
Segun is on the verge of releasing Seed Of Shame, an educative,  entertaining and informative TV series featuring Raph Niyi, Moji Wonah, and other known actors.

Olaks studio has been able to breed editors, DOPs and upcoming artists.  Segun’s goodwill and willingness to help has made it widely known as a routine for an individual(s) or groups coming to him crying and leaving smiling.‘Seed of Shame’ is a family drama, which centers on the act of deception and its effect on the home and the society at large.
Basically, this TV series concentrates on Bamidele’s Family, which has Omolade’s family as its extension. In the course of the story, some deal breakers that gave rise to distrust and deception in the respective homes came up.
Deception, which is a major issue in most homes is clearly interpreted in the story through the attitude of the Bamideles’ domestic staff (Romoke) who was having a secret affair with the head of the home. More deceptive attitudes unfold as Chinedu (the gatekeeper) assumes the position of an economic adviser, while kasali (the driver) converts his boss’ car to a commercial one just for personal gain.
However, the three characters were able to bring some kind of comic relief to the story, thereby relieving tension.
‘Seed of Shame’ is a must watch for every home as it exhibits and corrects the negativity in the home that eventually adds up to the ills of the corrupt society we live in. ‘Seed of Shame’ states that nothing will forever be hidden; there will always be a reward for every shameful act.

Source: City People Magazine

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