See Timetable for Mike Bamiloye 60th birthday


By Oluwafemi Dosu

It is no longer a news that Evang. Mike Bamiloye will be 60 this year. The doyen of Christian drama was born on 13th of April, 1960 in Osun State.

There has been several activities lined up in different part of the world to celebrate this mentor of mentors. Drama Ministers in the Europe, America and Nigeria had earlier chosen different number of days to celebrate the Evangelist before the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Owing to government directives on the stop of further spread of the pandemic, all planned celebrations was postponed. As a result of this some spiritual and ministerial children of Bamiloye have decided to do some broadcast for his birthday. Gospel Film News brings to you a comprehensive timetable for the birthday:

Date: Sunday 12th April
Event: “Bro Mike” a documentary film on EMB
Time: 10 am
Venue/platforms: YouTube channel (Damilola Mike Bamiloye)
Moderators: Olaitan Faranpojo

Date: Sunday 12th April
Event: Live Interview with Mike Bamiloye on True Talk

Time: 1pm

Venue/platform: Facebook
Moderators: Emmanuella & Tolu Mike-Bamiloye

Date: Sunday 12th April
Event: Live program (Online Celebration- Interactive Program on Mike Bamiloye &Quiz for the audience)
Time: 5pm Nigeria time and 6pm CET
Venue/platforms: Facebook (Toyin Fatunsin Nee Eso)and YouTube (Toyin Eso-Fatunsin)
Moderators: Olumide and Toyin Fatunsin

Date: Monday 13th April
Event: Ewi Presentation
Time: 6:30am
Venue/platform: YouTube (Ogongo TV)
Moderators: Adeoye Omoniyi

Date: Monday 13th April
Event: International Interview across nations with Mike Bamiloye
Time: 7am
Venue/platforms: Zoom Call
Moderators: Media Team of Mike Bamiloye@60 planning committee

Date: Monday 13th April
Event: Live discussion about Mike Bamiloye
Time: 12 noon (Nigeria Time)
Venue/platforms: Facebook (Victor Olukoju)
Moderators: Victor Olukoju PVO (who is the initiator), Tobi Olumuyiwa, Olumide Oki P20, Omolara Ayoola PMH, Olugbenga Ayoola SMH, and Francisca Olukoju

Date: Monday 13th April
Event: Special Video Premiere- Short documentary on the Drama Evangelist/Greetings Across the Globe
Time: 11am CET and 10am Nigeria Time
Venue/platforms: Facebook (Toyin Fatunsin Nee Eso) and YouTube (Toyin Eso-Fatunsin)
Moderators: Toyin Fatunsin

Date: Monday 13th April

Mike Bamiloye classics on Ogongo Tv


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2 thoughts on “See Timetable for Mike Bamiloye 60th birthday

  1. It’s an awesome planning to celebrate a veteran, Father and mentor who has chosen to bless and preach to the world the pure word of God.
    I think its not enough if his program is not broadcasted on the Dove TV for everyone to be able to see easily and at convenience. Doing all on the social media is not so sweet enough with the fact that data connections are not so good in Nigeria. Please kind let’s see what to do and show it on the Christian channel on cables.


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