Prudence Film and Sound Academy trains, empowers youth in photography


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Prudence Film and Sound Academy has just concluded the training and empowerment of youths and young adults in photography and photo editing.

Gospel Film News gathered that the training which started Wednesday 29th of May ended successful Saturday 1st of June with a do-it-yourself practical class by the students.

In the course of the four days training, the students were taken on an excursion to a photo studio to have practical knowledge/experience to get acquainted to studio looks and setups.

According to Director of Studies, Mr. Daniel Ope Makinde the training is to empower Nigeria youths to be independent, enable them to create a source of income and to as well make them employers of labour which will contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

In an interview session with Gospel Film News, students of the Academy gives testimony of how the training has been of immense help to them:

From Ijede, Ikorodu, Lagos
Things I have learnt from this training include philosophy of being a photographer, the basis in photography and the establishment of a photo label/ business. I also learnt photo editing in general with different sofwares like photoshop, light room, etc.
I learnt how to grab opportunities, stay wise, smart and productive.

From Kola-Agbado, Lagos
Talking about this training, I will say I have learnt a lot. I came here knowing nothing about photography shooting and editing, but now with the four days training I am now a different person. Indeed, this is not an ordinary training, it is not a waste of money and at the same time not a waste of time. Thanks.

From Mowe, Ogun State.
I have learnt how to set a camera. Now I have the understanding of photography and photoshop. I can say today being the last day is the most interesting day.

From Ajegunle Apapa, Lagos
To my point of view I have been enjoying these programme from the very first day, because the purpose why I am here have been achieved almost 90%.
To me, it’s a money well invested and I want to thank the organizers for their impact.

From Ijede, Ikorodu
I have learnt the use of photoshop and how to differentiate between camera lens with the help of our profesioner trainers. A lot of things I personally do not know before is being taught here especially photography and photo editing and how to package and brand your company.

From Badagry, Lagos
I give glory to God almighty for giving me the opportunity to attend Prudence Films and Sounds Academy because if I didn’t attend, I missed a lot but for attending I learnt so many things from them apart from the photography I came for, so I really appreciate them very much.
I have learnt how to take pictures, edit pictures, I can’t even say it all. May God bless them and increase the company.

From Maryland, Lagos
I had little knowledge on photoshoot before now and editing photos, when I got here, Iv’e been taught how to set a camera menu before taking a photo also how to edit a photo. I will say I am proviledge to be part of this training because I’ve been impacted and upgraded in my little knowledge and also from here I can continue to improve myself and the getting more professional.
I am grateful to PFSA for impacting me with this knowledge.

Since the commencement of the training which kicked start on the 29th of April, 2019 we’ve been taught how to handle a camera and the three key things we should not forget when it comes to aspect of taking a picture which are: the ISO, the Aperture and the Shutter Speed.
Also, we were taught how to edit a picture and the type of photography we have. Our trainer said when we are editing a picture we should take note of the colour, the environment and the skin of the image been edited. We were also taught the business aspect of photography and how we can sell and package ourselves and picture to our client.

The students were exposed to more than
>Lens, and

They were also exposed to customer relations, application of physics and not forgetting other electromagnetic radiations.
They understand image sensor technology and can tell chemical means of light sensitive materials, says Daniel Ope Makinde, the Director of studies. They also had the privilege of meeting with the CEO of Laybol Resources Associates, Mr Lanre Olaleye who exhorted them by admonishment into the world of expertise and business.
It was a wonderful experience.

The trainings continues every 3 months with new styles and lecture-power says the secretary of the film school, Mrs Annette Okafor.(NTEL senior staff)

The photography class was made to be a bomb and we are sure of presenting these ones to the professional world. Everything creativity needs practical application and results that are intriguing. More reason we have in our curriculum not to hide anything from our field experience to every participants.


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