PHOTO NEWS: Yemi Adepoju gives daughter’s hand in marriage

It was a moment of joy and prayers yesterday 7th of December, 2018 as film makers, Rev Yemi and Prof. Feyi Adepoju gives their daughter’s hand in marriage.
The engagment ceremony which was over crowded was held at Circular Hotel, Ilorin Kwara State and solemnization in holy matrimony is expected to hold today at Abundant Life Church, Ilorin.
Photo Speaks:

Photo Credit: Oluwafemi Dosu

Yemi Adepoju and the G.O of Abundant Life Church greeting the father of Yemi Adepoju
Cross session of well wishers

Younger brother of the bride, Victor Adepoju dancing towards reading letter at the engagement

Yemi and Feyi Adepoju spraying money on Victor

Rev Yemi Adepoju in a relaxed mood

Victor Adepoju reading the letter of proposal

Bride Price items

Parents of the groom, Rev. & Rev (Mrs) Adewole

Parents of thd bride, Rev. Yemi & Prof. Feyi Adepoju


Cross session of audience

Cross session of audience

Cross session of audience

Cross session of audience

Cross session of audience

Film Producer, Evang. Solomon at the engagement

Groom, Olujimi and his friends dancing in at the engagement

The groom and his friends digging it down in the hall

Bride’s parents praying for the groom 

Item for bride price

Postrating for the bride’s parents

The bride’s parents overwhelmed with joy

Prayer for the groom

Cross session of audience

The groom, Olujimi sitting on the laps of the bride’s parents, Rev Yemi & Prof  Feyi

The groom in a photo session with the G.O of Abundant Life Church

Groom with his parents, Rev. & Rev (Mrs) Adewole

Groom’s parents praying for the groom

Rev Yemi spraying money on the musician

Talking drum player doing his thing at the engagement

Band leader and singer


The bride and her friends dancing in

Bride’s parents praying for the bride

The bride and her friends

Mum and daughter in a warm hug

The bride, Feyiyemi and her parents

Bride greeting the groom’s parents

The groom’s mum joyfully accepted the bride

Bride and the groom’s parents

Bride wearing cap for the groom

Commitee of friends watch as the bride fix the cap on the groom’s head

Bride giving a romantic smile to the groom

Bride and groom’s mum in a warm embrace

Commitee of friends sterns at the couple

Praying for one another

Engagement cake

Groom giving the bride first money

The groom lifts the bride in peace and joy

Carries the bride to his parents

Couple with commitee of friends

The couple 

Clergy preaching at the engagement

Praying for the family


The couples looking onto God

The couple in a love play, doing ‘who is in garden’

Bride picks up Bible amongst all items brought for the wedding

G.O, Abundant Life Church  praying on the wedding ring

Groom sucessfully fixed the wedding ring on the bride’s finger

They are now one

Envelop for Owo Ori Iyawo (Dowry)

Bride’s father gives the dowry to the couple to use for themselves

The couple receives the Owo Ori Iyawo

Groom’s father appreciating bride’s parents

A symbol of oneness for both families

Couple with both parents

Cutting the wedding cake

In a discussion mood

The groom’s family making moves to appreciate the bride’s family

Groom’s family appreciating the bride’s family

Parents of bride’s father, Snr. Apostle & Apostle (Mrs) Adepoju

Bride’s Aunty

Bride’s father gives a littls speech, saying his nuclear family demanded for cartons of noodles aside ths normal items of bride price

And here comes a carton of noodles

Closing prayer

Groom with both fathers

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