Photo Credit : John Oguntuase

Movie Title : Atohunrinwa

KSO on set with Kayode Alao as DOP

Crew behind the camera 

From Left: Erimipo Segun-Okeowo,  John Oguntuase,  Kayode Also,  a crew member. 

KSO reading through script. 

On set as camera is rolling. 

KSO on set with other actors while Adebayo Yusuf handles the boom mic. 

From Rear: Toyin Babatunde, John Oguntuase, Israel Okiki,  Chinos Chukwulotan. 

A constructed set for rain. 

KSO on set with Toyin Babatunde as evil spirit. 

KSO with crew members on set. 

From Left: Israel Okiki, John Oguntuase  behind the camera 

Adebayo Yusuf making up for a character. 

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