Photo News: John Oguntuase ends film shoot victoriously

Photo Credit: Gospel Film News

Location: Ikorodu, Lagos.

Director: John Oguntuase.

Movie Titles: Genuine, What if (series 4&5), Ugliest Person.

The shoot which started two days ago was wrapped yesterday victoriously. Watch out for these mind blowing revelational short films.
R-L: Adebayo Yusuf (the Make up Artist), Samuel Adesunloye, Omolade & Omowunmi on set.
Pastor presenting the newest couple to the congregation.

The couple taking the marriage vow.

The character, Lucy walking into the wedding scene.

John Oguntuase (Director) instructing the casts on set.

Script Supervisor, Oluwafemi Dosu monitoring a scene.

DOP, Dan Ope Makinde taking a movement shot.

Cross session of congregation as the director block the scene.

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