PHOTO NEWS: Femi Adebile Begins Shoot of Script Written Ten Years Ago



By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Actor and producer, Evang. Femi Adebile is currently shooting a script he has written about ten years ago entitled Two Maids.

Gospel Film News gathered that he couldn’t shoot the script titled Maids at that time because of what it involved, he couldn’t get the location to use amongst others.

He explained that he picked it up again five years ago but still could not shoot it, but picked it up this year after looking for it because he could not find the soft copy

When he retrieved the script after many years the script was rough, messed up by rodents and cockroaches. He however said, two days to the shooting, he already dropped it and gave up shooting it considering some things it involved, and he was advised to drop and postpone it but the Lord said to him “Big manifestations takes big Sacrifices”

“Everything about this location has been challenging, but we thank God . So it was not easy but I OBEYED, We hope to conclude the shooting soon

The movie is directed by Adeoye Omoniyi.

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