Outstanding films that received award at Gofestival 2019


By Oluwafemi Dosu

It was a memorable event yesterday at the biggest film festival for gospel films in Nigeria known as Gospel Film Festival as films an film makers were rewarded for excellence and creativity.

The film festival which start Wednesday 5th of June ended yesterday 8th of June 2019 with some outstanding movies receiving awards.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that list of outstanding movies with awards include:

*Best Storyline*

*Best Message*

*Best Production Design*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Special Effect*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Costume*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Cinematography*
So Long a Night

*Best Edit Film*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Make up*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Direct Film*

*Best Music/Sound*
So Long a Night

*Best Audio*
My Dream

*Best Outreach Movie*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Educational Film*
1 in 50,000

*Best Short Film*

*Best Student Film*
Two Face

*Best Indigenous Film*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Picture Movie*
Akobi Laaroye

*Best Actress*
Omolara Ayoola

*Best Actor*
Victor Olukoju

*Best Supporting Actress*
Deborah Adeola

*Best Supporting Actor*
Wole Olaleye

*Special Mention*
Sinful Scene

*Rising Star Award*
Emmanuel Babatomiwa Akintayo (male)
Moses Glory Adedunke (female)

*Jury Award*
1 in 50,000

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