Our late Pastor’s exit from this world will make church members more committed as everyone will want to make heaven to see him again- Gloria Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Still in the mood of mourning, the gospel film producer and wife of Mount Zion Faith Ministries president, Gloria Bamiloye has expressed her heartfelt over the death of their church pastor.

Gloria who took to her facebook page today noted that Pastor Obed is a lover of God and she is sure that his exit from this world will surely help the church members to be more committed because everyone will surely want to make heaven to see him again.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that in a post she titled ‘Our pastor has gone to meet Master Jesus’, Gloria stated that Pastor Obed always talk about Jesus and everyone will miss him so much.

The actress disclosed that her second son, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye cried alot because he was the first to hear the news.

“I have to pray for myself for strength when we heard of his death yesterday. Oh PASTOR Obed is a father and a pastor indeed. When God relocated us to Ibadan in 1998, we started going to a church, but I discovered my children were not comfortable spirituality in the church, and being an evangelist we traveled often, we therefore needed a church that will help our children spiritually whenever we are not around. I set out prayerfully one Sunday in charge of the church the Lord would lead us to attend and God led me to Glory Tabernacle . Pastor Obed’s church. That was it. The moment my husband came back from outreach, I told him I have found a church so we both went together. That was how we became members of the church.”

She further disclosed that late Pastor Obed, touched every lives and families in the church spiritually, adding that without coming to visit you will always feel his presence.

“He was so real and genuine. He has Jesus so deep in the inside. He loves God,” she concluded.

Recall that the news of Pastor Obed demise broke yesterday 17th of March and Evangelist Mike Bamiloye who couldn’t control his tears composed a farewell song for him.

Although as at the time of filing this report, the cause of Pastor Obed’s death is yet to be disclosed but there are indications that he passed on due to ailment.

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4 thoughts on “Our late Pastor’s exit from this world will make church members more committed as everyone will want to make heaven to see him again- Gloria Bamiloye

  1. How may be part of mount Zion film production? I’m impress and wish to be of this great move of God to impart our generation and the one to come. God bless Bamiloye’s family in Jesus Name. Love you all as I look for to hearing from you soon Sir.

    1. All to the glory of God. However, you can’t join Mount Zion Film Productions. You can only attend the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama and from there have a privilege to feature in some of their films or films produced by the students or have privilege to feature in other people’s films.

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