Opinion: My Journey in Drama & Film Ministry 3 (For the Next Generation)- Kingsley NWACHUKWU


Opinion: My Journey in Drama & Film Ministry 3 (For the Next Generation)- Kingsley NWACHUKWU


Episode 3
Having acknowledged drama as ministry and engaged in silent prayers and studies, there was need for practical expression.

An OPPORTUNITY emerged when my local assembly asked us to plan for our about to start annual youths program ( as pioneers of the church). I brought a drama script and submitted to our youth coordinator, Sis Biona Julius. It was an adaptation of PERILOUS TIMES ( the new Mount Zion drama I had just watched ). I just changed the character names and some scenes. Made some adjustments and brought it to a five scene act. We rehearsed and presented it on sunday service during the youths programme.

The drama was inspiring but accompanied with mixed feelings by the elders. One of the elders who must have watched the Mount Zion Films of that theme, came to us, prayed and WARNED us to be very CAREFUL of this kind of production. We should treat issues within our reach and not follow blindly, ILE-IFE drama elders ( Mount Zion) of whose SPIRITUAL PREPARATION and exposure we cannot equate. Looking at me as if I was a culprit
” Kingsley, be careful”. He prayed again and advised that we treat issues within our level.

Then, one of our church members, always smartly dressed and acclaimed at the CHOIR for releasing his first music album few weeks ago, walked up to me. He appreciated our drama and my commitment to the youths. He told me of his involvement in gospel drama in his secondary school days. He was then a casual staff of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC). That was my official connection with Evang DANIEL ODU in my church.

All my attempts at starting a full fledge drama ministry in the church, was unacceptable as the elders felt it could be spiritually dangerous to members by exposing them to attacks, create forum for sexual immorality and other vices. I was tactically advised to join the CHOIR. I obeyed.

It was while in the Choir that we ( interested members) were sent to KALE VISION MUSIC MINISTRY for training. As the training progressed, I felt so connected to the visioner, EVANG ZION DAPO KALE. I became less interested in music stuff but saw him as alternative mentor to my much desire to be tutored by Mount Zion at Ile-Ife ( a far distance from Kaduna, a northern part of Nigeria).

After our official training by the ministry as sponsored by our local assembly, I went back for a DEEPER TOUCH ( now, not on music but general art ministry). I started applying his teaching and exposures to my newly independent drama ministry, outside my local assembly.

Evang Dapo Kale was highly deep in spiritual reality. His quest for FAITH and EXCELLENCE in gospel music delivery, was highly exceptional.

It was through him I learnt that most gospel artistes that are artistic are not SPIRITUAL and most spiritual ones are not ARTISTIC. Therefore, the need for BALANCE ( becoming spiritual and creative).

Evang Kale applied a high level of MASS COMMUNICATION and JOURNALISM ( the course he studied) in his ministry. Everything spoke. His dressing, publicity, instrumentation, sights and sounds, were superb.His ministry had a great artistic and journalistic touch.Any three members of his band could hold an audience bound and spiritually connected.

One person could handle the drum with a back up microphone. The second person will handle bass guitar with another back up microphone while the leader ( most times, Evang Kale himself) will man the keyboard amidst a Saxophone by his left hand and Trumpet by his right hand. Both artistically hung as he begins to lead in choruses. While the music is on, he could play the saxophone and trumpet at interval. An amazing multi-talented ministration that leaves an audience wondering if it were only three persons commanding this performance on stage.

Evang Kale ( my mentor) was acclaimed for his PROPHETIC UTTERANCES and MUSIC. He was a high disciplinarian, older than his age in applying wisdom. He shun all forms of IMMORALITY in music ministry and do not encourage traveling around with opposite sex in music team ( except if strict measures and arrangements are in place).
He was in high SPEED; touching lives and connecting with who is who in music ministry. He was a lover of undiluted gospel music, promoter of many young ARTISTES within and outside Northern Nigeria. A great friend of legendary Panam Percy Paul. He ministered along side prominent Word Ministers within Nigeria and Outside the Country.

Evang Zion Dapo Kale and his Music Team were on their way from Kaduna to Adamawa State for a music ministration. Their vehicle surmounted. Four ministers sustained no internal or external injury. Three ministers died on the spot. Evang Kale sustained numerous injuries and was rushed to nearby hospital. Even in his unconscious state, he was still vomiting scriptures, making prophetic declaration and blessing all. He passed on to glory some hours later.

Our Consolation is that he lived a legendary life. He had a great TOUCH on many ministers that came his way. Most of His boys are doing great in different areas of ministries and endeavours. They are VOICE in different platforms.

The devil thought he has done his worst. There are many KALES everywhere!
{ To be continued in Next Edition}.


1) It is not a sin to COPY people who are AHEAD or BETTER than you. COPYING is a form of LEARNING; provided you do not remain a COPYCAT for a long while. Be IMITATOR of those who through faith and patience inherit the PROMISE.

2) Always seek for MENTORS ( people with living EXAMPLE on specific area of your interest). Remember those mentors are NOT PERFECT. Pick the POSITIVE ASPECTS of their lives that INSPIRE you. Downplay or turn deaf ears to their WEAKNESSES.

3) Always work on being a GOOD EXAMPLE of a FOLLOWER of Christ in THOUGHTS or meditation. These thoughts will lead to good ACTION that will always inspire HUMANITY and exert negative influence on evil forces.

4) In all you do, always aim at BALANCING SPIRITUALITY and EXCELLENCE. Be a gospel artiste that abides on DOCTRINES of Christ while pursuing ABOVE AVERAGE PERFORMANCE on any area of area of arts.

5) Always remember to live the BEST of your life as there are cloud of WITNESSES who had surmounted your present challenges. You will live but ONCE. After life, comes JUDGEMENT.
May we never REGRET at last in JESUS precious name!
{ To be continued in Next Edition}

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