Opinion: My Journey In Drama & Film Ministry 2 ( For the Next Generation) By Kingsley NWACHUWU


Opinion: My Journey In Drama & Film Ministry 2 ( For the Next Generation) By Kingsley NWACHUWU

By Kingsley Nwachukwu

Episode 2
No ministry is immune to attack. No vision is free from opposition. It takes ministerial CODE (faith-based COVENANT) to quench fiery darts of darkness. It takes Ministerial Code to stand in midst of tempting sounds and sights.

What is ministerial CODE? It is the REVEALED WORD of GOD on a specific assignment that is back up with SACRIFICE ( willingness to lose something for its sake). It is the LIGHT that over-shadows the darkness. It is a TOOL that must be applied when the enemy come, barking like dog.
Having understood DRAMA as my ministry, I became SECRETIVE about it for reasons already narrated in previous edition.

I began to pray over the revealed SCRIPTURE and more INSPIRATION were accorded to me on consistent level. I started developing CODES; with HOLY SPIRIT ministering to me some DOS & DONT’S of my about to take off ministerial service.

Before my very eyes at the middle of 1993, Nigeria has started witnessing eruption of many film production. The local films trying to over-shadow our much-cherished Indian and James Bond ( American) films . We began to see many Nigerian films like Ihe-dina Okpuru Anyanwu by Solomon Eze ( Mike Ori- Ihe Dimma), Stephen Alajimba,etc being overtaken by Living in Bondage ( a Nigerian film by NEK Video Link).
I became so interested in the whole development.

By July ending of 1993, I had become a REFEREE or is it DUMPING ground of both secular and fast- emerging nigerian gospel films ; after my School Certificate Examination and awaiting my result.

Friends could gather in my family house to access films of all nature ; purchased from my pocket money.

By the end of 1994 while already in the University, I had become conversant with almost all prominent drama ministers in Nigeria via their FILMS. They were FELLOWSHIPPING with me in my living room. I would name most of them ( CAST and CREW members) one by one. I would identify GOOD, AVERAGE and UPCOMING ACTORS ( male and female) among them.


I cannot forget the day when one of our brothers was arguing with me. He could not differentiate between Kolawole and Kolade Okeowo. We argued until I went to my cupboard and brought all the Watchtower Drama Productions ( KSO Production Outfit) to prove my point. I had Bandit in Paradise ( Duruewuru production), Daughters of the River, Divine Connection by one Theophilus ( Theosag Production),Paul Adaramola, Toyin Oke,Taiwo Oyeboade ( STEP), Shola Agboola production, Deborah Animashaun, etc. They were all doing fine.Then, there were two women I felt could give Mummy Gloria Bamiloye a chase in acting and line delivery ( Stella Otoibhi and Grace Adeyemi- Now, Femi Akintunde).


I was always INSPIRED by productions of these Generals.
In Kaduna then, there was a brother who always stage undiluted gospel production in NTA Kaduna during Christmas and Easter celebrations. The production outfit was named: ROCK of AGES Drama; produced by Sunday Israel.


However, our Nigerian University LONG STRIKE of 1994 brought me to another dimension. I returned from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to Kaduna to start a VIDEO CLUB . I was always up to date with every film ( I mean every Nigerian Igbo, English and Gospel film released in Nigeria). Sometimes, I could read about them in newspapers and hear about their forth-coming from many Kaduna/Zaria-based film DISTRIBUTORS. Then, make a budget for their ARRIVAL .

Suddenly one of our fathers who always addressed as PASTOR and role model to his kids , met me watching one of those films ( not good for a practicing Christian)and to be distributed in my video club. He felt so disappointed and wondered how I will be combining this kind of activity with my EVANGELISM in the neighbourhood. He politely advised that I stick only on GOSPEL FILMS. I tried to defend my position that GOSPEL FILMS, as of then, are not enough to make a Video Club. He looked at me eyeball to eyeball. “Evang, what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul in hell?”. He smiled and left.

I suddenly became RESTLESS but still continued with the business . Few weeks later, I had to close the business as the restlessness continued. I devoted the rest of my time to running only Gospel Film Club, house to house in NNPC Estate, Kaduna.
Did I make expected good financial returns from those films? Absolutely NO!

Brethren could watch films and return at their convenience. No SANCTION. No COMPLAIN. Rather, I soon became popular as that brother that rents gospel films.Some others saw me as the Film Evangelist. Gradually, more people began to know about me and the previously scripture began to OPEN unto me my EXPECTED DOS and DON’TS.
GOD used the Club to link me spiritually with most actors and producers of gospel films before meeting most of them, one-on-one. A case study of Evang Kolawole Okeowo via his film: The MOST WANTED.

1) God’s thoughts are not our thoughts nor his ways our ways. His thoughts and ways are HIGHER than ours. Until we follow Him by FAITH, we are going nowhere. I was thinking on how to make money via gospel video club, GOD was working on how to establish me on STRONGER FOUNDATION via COVENANT. He was working on me to understand that the CALLED cannot behave anyhow. There is a demarcation between the principle and practice of ROYALTY and that of COMMONER. Why? There is a height where the VULTURE’s eyes cannot access!

2) The importance of ministerial CODES in divine services. Daniel exempted from King’s MEAT, Samson had a CONSECRATED HAIR, Moses a sacred ROD,etc. All these CODES set them apart for God’s maximum usage.

3) The need to avoid argument in spiritual conflict .GOD’ s WORD, properly declared, is enough. The HOLY SPIRIT will take over. He is not HELPLESS. GOD’s WORD is SHARPER than two edged SWORD; piercing, tearing, arranging and entering seemingly impossible places and cases.

4) GOD always accord specific DOS and DONTS on some stewards for purpose of certain ASSIGNMENTS. Such CODES may not be necessarily binding on other co-workers. It is that CODE that will come to play if such minister is to establish INSTITUTION or OUTFIT ( ministry platform) or active RESPONSIBILITIES ( ministry operation).

5) We must always FOLLOW GOD by faith, even when we are not sure of what he is doing. I am just writing these things by INSTRUCTION. I have delayed
for fear of being MISUNDERSTOOD in different perspective. After all, WHAT have I achieved? Are there not many fathers and mothers ahead of me? What and what , can I share? But He still says ‘” **WRITE* !”. And by my understanding of His LEADING over the years, HE IS OUT for SOMETHING. There are lives he wants to take to NEXT LEVEL. There are discouraging souls He wants to LIFT up! There are sets of UPCOMING soldiers that will upturn events to the amazement of the enemy.
Yes, He is up to something and I must not be a HINDRANCE or I be changed over-night.
I have decided to PARTNER with Him, play the BALL out of my court and allow others to finish their ROLE for the joint GOAL that has been set before us.
Are you READY to STEP OUT?

{ To be continue in Next Edition}

I encourage you , if you are a drama minister, to join:

1.All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers ( *ANCEDRAM* )if you are a drama minister in Nigeria.

2.Gospel FilmMaking Network ( *GFN* ) if you are a Technical Crew Member of Gospel Films in any part of the WORLD.

3.International Association of Evangelical Drama Ministers & Movie-Makers ( *IAEDM* ) via any accredited national evangelical drama and film body in YOUR COUNTRY of residence such as ANCEDRAM, CDMAC, NACEDRAM, UKCDMA, DMAI, EDMA, etc or contact us.

Date: 31st *JULY 2nd*to *AUGUST, 2024.*
Meeting ID: *89801896223.*
Passcode: *CONVENTION.*
Pray & Plan to PARTICIPATE!
Powered: International Association of Evangelical Drama Ministers & Movie-Makers { IAEDM}.

GOD bless you mightily and meet you at the NEXT EDITION.
Pst Kingsley Nwachukwu
Golden Exposures, Enugu, Nigeria.

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