By  Abiola Olaoluwa

The doyen of the drama ministry
Your conviction birthed your struggle for Gospel
You stormed the stage with messages
You spellbound them in the reality of self

Your message turned out to be a reflector
Many got converted
You struggle through the season
As if you have seen the seasoning

But I guess you only created the scene that birthed the scenarios of this season
Baba I could imagine your reasoning
Even with your wife, I mean our mother
How did she stand the storm?
I mean the storming sea
That nearly broke the boat to pieces
Yet you were not perturbed but understood the physics

I remember, they mocked your struggle
Cos, you have no story
But today we call you Gregory

In the siege, you declared your intention for the gospel
You resigned your secular Job
Are you kidding me! Mama exclaimed
An interjection that broke the cud of circumspection
There was this silent moment
Only you could understand

As if this was not enough
The drop of the water fell on the still water
The sound got mama talking
Aunty Alaba could not hold the tears
It seemed your tears, tore things apart

That is the ripple effect of your decision for the gospel
It was as if you didn’t hear God clearly
Mama left the scene
Yet the disgrace is like a grace that Greece your calling

The train revealed the story that birth the glory
I saw dedication and passion
This age and time turned it our version
We all ride on your template
We don’t need any advocate
We are aware of the aggregate
I mean the aggregate of your struggle that lead to your glory

In 1992,the movie Agbara nla birthed the reality
It shook the earth
And it rubbed off the mental pictures of KOTO ORUN of 1989
The power of the living God was revealed
The grace speaks in volume

AYAMATANGA became a nomenclature
It is more of a stain in our memory till date

This is the result of your struggle
But behind the close door
I saw you on the knees
Presenting your case in tears
skipping food for proper leading from him

You and your colleagues prayed
And your name is written on the placard of success
The Doyen of drama ministry in Africa
I celebrate the grace upon your life

Written by:Abiola OlaOluwa
(Poet & Author)

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