Oluwatobi Ogunyemi released short film, ‘Omo Science Student’ on YouTube


By Oluwafemi Dosu
A multi talented gospel filmmaker, Oluwatobi Ogunyemi has released a short film titled Omo Science Student.

The film was released on Tuesday, 2nd of April, 2019 on YouTube for easy seeing and download.

Ogunyemi disclosed in an exclusive chat with Gospel Film News that the short film was actually borne out of the desire to see believers set a standard that makes them differ from the world system.

He reiterated that the story line evolves round a teenage boy who happens to be a God-fearing lad, staying in a boarding house, but gives in to peer pressure when he succumbs to attending a Teenagers party and do things the way his unbeliever friends does theirs, singing and dancing to songs that doesn’t make him any different from them.

“I teach in a secondary school and have a passion for the teenage ministry. On a daily basis, i see how young minds even from godly homes, give in to demands of the various trends in the present world system under the guise of youthful exuberance, thereby compromising their faith in a bid to wanting to feel along and not been ridiculed for upholding godly virtues which is gradually becoming an old tradition,” he stated.

To see and download ‘Omo Science Student’ kindly click on the link below:


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